Kim Kardashian Kritics Kollect Petition Signatures, Push for E! Ousting

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Boykott Kim Kardashian. That's the message being sent by thousands of people around the country.

Following her divorce from Kris Humphries - and subsequent ridiculous quotes that make the entire affair seem like one giant hoax - Kim has kome under fire like never before. A petition, in fact, is now available at GoPetition dot com that organizes an effort to get the entire Kardashian family away from our TV screens.

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"We have collected [thousands of] signatures for a petition asking E! Entertainment to remove the Kardashian suite of shows from their programming," says organizer Cyndy Snider in a statement. "We feel that these shows are mostly staged and place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption."

Well... of course. Clearly, the petition is useless and fairly absurd - as viewers continue to watch this nonsense, ratings have never been higher and E! is in the business of making money - but it doesn't make the concept any less hilarious. Adds Snider:

"While some may have begun watching the spectacle as mindless entertainment or as a sort of 'reality satire,' it is a sad truth that many young people are looking up to this family and are modeling their appearance and behavior after them. I'll remind you here that the Kardashian family fame largely started with a 'leaked' sex tape." 

What is your take on this petition?


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Go away Kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My friends and I are sooooooooooooo sick of all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We would rather get together and watch Tlc's Alaskan Women Looking for Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are tired of your old drama.........sick..........sick...........sick of you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I stopped calling it the E channel a long time IS the kardashian channel.....they keep those no talent KREEPS alive and in the news.


Kim K and Kris J is like a boil on the ass. Very Painful and hard to get rid of.


I have no problem with the Kardashians. I put a FLUSH handle on my TV. Now when I see crap, I just pull the handle. Just like a toilet!


I have no problem with the Kardashians. I took put a FLUSH handle on my TV. Now when I see crap, I just pull the handle. Just like a toilet!


Tired of this family, especially Kim and her greedy mother.


This family has gained fame through sex tapes and exploiting each other and even Kris Jenner has taken to exploiting her dead husband. If I told all the secrets of my family, then I too would be famous but when the lights go out and it is time to sleep, I would not be able to do it for all the money they make. I guess that makes me have morals that they no longer have or maybe were not even born with.In other words, I could not sell out my family for pieces of green paper no matter how much was offered and I hope that the majority of people feel the same.


Hello, I'm Bruce Jenner's Ballsac. I used to be attached to his body.However I was cut off by my wife Kris...You can find me on
Hollywood Boulevard next to Omar's, Scott's and Rob's Ballsac's
panhandling for cash.


lol..other fake names posts are from Khloe and Kourtney.


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