Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Still Hitting It?!?

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Casper Smart who?!?

Despite rumors that link Jennifer Lopez to her back-up dancer, sources tell Us Weekly this singer spent a night alone with ex-husband Marc Anthony on November 8, as J. Lo touched down in Puerto Rico in honor of the former couple's talent competition Q'Viva! The Chosen.

Jennifer Lopez on Idol Stage

Anthony picked Lopez at the airport and "Marc never stayed in his hotel room," an insider says... if we know what he or she means!

Describing the divorce as an emotional "roller coaster" for both parties, the mole says future hook-ups are also "inevitable" because Anthony "has this hold" over his ex. Still, another friend wants to make it clear:

"They may sleep together, but they're over!"

Sure. And sometimes they're under. And sometimes they're side-by-side or upside down. We get it.

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i believe jlo have a sex problem..she have this problem from a long time ago from the begining of she says keeping beautiful is a sign that you physically healthy,but mentaly is she healthy? she needs therapy inorder for her to appreciate a home and develope high moral standards. she was once my an idol since she made the selena movie,but curently, she is just any ordinary woman on the streets..i no longer enjoy listening her music or watching her videos..she is a total turn off and not a role model for young women.she messe up all her relationships just to leave with excuses and engage with another man..As they say when you messed up something good you get fock and thats what will happen to her..


Leave them alone what ever let her mess with who ever him to i don't recall her asking or sweating what people say itttsss hollywood no rules regulations anything goes


Trash is...TRASH. No two ways about it. If you want to eat trash, eat it and enjoy it, but dont put others down for their opinion if they dont approve of prostitutes. These HATERS atually have a brain and dont follow things like zombies.


We occupy j lo fat ugly ass


J ho is out the door i feel sorry for marc he deserves better


J lo ho is a slut


From how they both have been behaving lately. From estate expensive purchase and rental, to heavy drinking (Marc) and nudity, faul dating (Jenifer) and depressions visibly on their faces. I just felt they are going through a crisis and were not able to accept spilting and that someday, they will go back together. You just wait and see. It all starts this way then someday we will be informed they are sharing a marital bed. Good for them and their children. After all they look good together


Eww !! I hope not!! Poor Marc, that BITCH has an std or a yeast infection. I know right she's crazy she's going through menopause! Did you see her ass all sagging and flat poor old lady


shit....the former couples are hot!! they so cute together but the only problem is Marc...come on!!! they are like the cutest sexiest couple in the world!!! love them, i hope they get back together some day...try to resolve the situations they went through and all the haters here....stop hating!!! ohhh, and did you haters know that every words you said here about her or actually describes how you look like!!! no for real....because when someone says somebody bad about anyone it refers back to the person that said it!!! so zip, lock it, and go back to the mirror and see if you are pretty!!! stop judging people sheeezzzz!!! mirror mirror on the blog, haters are not the fairest of them all...period



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