Casper Smart: Dating Jennifer Lopez?!?

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Sorry, Bradley Cooper. According to a new tabloid report, your wooing has failed.

Us Weekly claims Jennifer Lopez has moved on fro Marc Anthony - and Cooper, apparently, who she was rumored to be flinging - via a relationship with Casper Smart, a dancer at Club Boulevard in Los Angeles.

"[He's] popular with the ladies because he goes shirtless!" a source gushes to the magazine.

Casper Smart Picture

Smart has played bit roles in Honey 2 and Step Up 3D and was a backup dancer for Beyonce at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

J. Lo and Smart are "nothing serious," this mole says, but adds they have been spending a lot of time together on New York City, attempting to remain incognito. But that can be difficult when you look like THIS.


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Jennifer! You are not Jenny from the block anymore. This cartoon character; Casper the friendly boyfriend, Kevin Federdouch, what ever his name is, may not be a bad guy, who knows, who cares; but really lets face it, he's not up to your caliber. At this point in your life you should really be looking for a mogul, like yourself. Yes, yes, I know , they say love does not discriminate, but can he even afford to buy you a pair of shoes. He can't even buy or lease his own truck. Girl, slap yourself in the face and wake up! Ha!


Jlo you fuck every celebrity over night lol...




Why is she spending "A LOT OF TIME WITH THAT CUB" when she should be SPENDING TIME WITH HER TWINS??????!!!!!!!


Jlo your to pretty for Mark. He looks abusive. I knew it wouldn't last. The right man will come.


Jlo pls I want u to go back to ur husband marc bcos of ur kids I think marc loves u and what u have was real nothing good come's easy men r every but d good once r hard to find so my j.lo I beg u to go back to marc,u can never see a guy like marc. Some time ago u where talking on tv about ur marriage to marc how happy u have been with him dat his d luv of u life.pls j.lo go back to marc he loves u!!!!


omg, so many stupid m. Fuckas on this site, lol!! Jus b/c her marriage didnt work, as well as KimK.'s, or she's been wit a few different men, so fuck'n wut!?! Thats life. I kno when i get in a relationship, im hoping it lasts', (b/c i dont jus get n relationships 4 my health). Sum ppl r jus not compatible, & thats ok, shit, thats life/reality, so how else r we gonna learn. F these celebs get wit a 'normal person', then yall say how the other is seek'n fame!?! F they get up wit other stars, its whoring around?!? So guess wut, thats y i MIND MY OWN BIZ!! U NEVER kno wut goes on n OTHER ppl's "behind the doors".


Casper Smart kinda reminds me of Marc Anthony.


Jenniffer Lopez and Kim kadashian should meet and form a club support group. The Rich and Famous HEARTLESS SLUT GROUP.


jennifer never stays with 1 husband i never think she will find her true love so who gives a fuck who she is dating fuck that shit man

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