Fashion Face-Off: Ashley Greene vs. Nikki Reed, Take III!

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Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are going at it once again.

The Twilight Saga stars first faced off on the red carpet at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. They then did so again a year later.

Now, the actresses are prepared for their rubber match, as each has spent the last few days promoting Breaking Dawn aboard. Greene is pictured below in Paris, Reed in Rome. Both look gorgeous, but only one can win. Compare. Contrast. Vote now.

Fashion Face-Off!

Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed? Compare Breaking Dawn star red carpet fashion now! View Poll »

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i think nikki reed was the best out of both of them for sure!


Casey Those are some truly bitchin' light's. It's great to know that soenmoe can put a new spin on a damn light fixture. Light is one of those things so integral to our lives, we often forget to notice its source. Yet, sans any abrasive demands, Mr. Tuft's designs are still hard to ignore. Good stuff. I should also mention that you, Cody, are a fuckin' soldier for laying down a photo shoot with a broken back. Stay studly


i think ashley's the best. he's more charming and stunning. I hate nikki's dress. It's cute but exaggerating. well, the both are the best

Cheryl wright

I love them both. But in this case I like what Nikki is wearing better.


Nikki Reed blows Trashley Greene out of the water. She is so much prettier and so much more charming than the latter. Nikki is very charismatic and very zesty and it always shine through no matter what she wears. Ashley Greene tries too hard. She strikes me as an attention seeker and she strongly reminds me of Michael Jackson. I figured it's her weird upturned nose. Anyway, whatever it is, it's unsettling.


You didn't use Ashley's best dress which she wore at the Brussels fan event. She is much prettier than Nikki Reed. Ashely is stunning.


I think Ashley is prettier but Nikki is rocking that dress. Although, I would've preferred if Nikki's hair was in a less severe style.


I met Nikki at Internation Rome Film Festival. She was the most beautiful woman at the festival. Her smiles, her sights, and of course her dress.
I voted Nikki. She's too beautiful!


nikki reed is pretty no matter what. They always do a good job on it no matter what. Good luck to the both of u.


I think Nikki won hands down I also think being in Rome had something to do with her outfit choice because she looks like a Greek goddess.

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