Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Nikki Reed vs. Ashley Greene

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Once again, Twilight Saga friends are about to become foes.

While fans have already been asked to weigh in on Kellan Lutz vs. Taylor Lautner in a previous Fashion Face-Off, we're now pitting a pair of blood-sucking beauties against one another in a red carpet showdown.

Both Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene dazzled at last night's Teen Choice Awards, but only one can be crowned the winner in the poll below.

Will it be the actress that plays Rosalie Hale? Or the one that portrays Alice Cullen? You vote. You decide.

Nikki Reed Image
Good-Looking Greene

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Which star looks prettiest?


I'm guessing tgoruhh fan base networks where they had to make contact with one another because of there job or they were introduced tgoruhh friends.


Nikki all the way. And she is obv more beautiful, I don't get all the Ashley hype.


I LOVE ashley, but i think nikki looks better!!
but loads of people will vote ashley because she is more 'in the news'
but i think both of them are amazingly pretty :)


ashely looks really pretty!!!!!!


thought nikki's dress was whoaaa very weird but she pulled it off VERY well ashley dress is nothing new...and as for the votes most people vote for ashley because she supposed be sweet but plzzzz i think ashley is meaner than nikki is


Ladies, love the outfits. I hope you keep track of them with MyClothingCalendar, a FREE online clothing journal. Never repeat an outfit again.


Sorry ladies, but you both need to work on your accessorizing skills. Neither one of your shoes/handbags looks good with your dress.

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