Elisabetta Canalis Unveils Naked PETA Ad in Italy

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The residents of Italy were given a beautiful reason to be thankful this weekend: Elisabetta Canalis unveiled her nude PETA ad in Milano yesterday.

Elisabetta Canalis in Italy

George Clooney's gorgeous ex, who didn't make it very far on Dancing with the Stars this season, is urging fans not to buy even the tiniest amount of real fur.

"You must remember that animals don’t have a voice," she said earlier this fall. "You must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

Or pose up in your birthday suit, as the case here may be. Speaking of which, feel free to hate on Mehcad Brooks, fellas. The Necessary Roughness star gets to wake up to alongside this body every morning.

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@ D there are humans that are helping the human race. There is a meeting to help save our world. Its called COP17 and is held in Durban South Africa as we speak!


Funny how supposed responsible grown ups would go naked for animals! Who will save humans? Animals? God help us all


Do you know who loves animals more than adults???? CHILDREN!!!!
Imagine young innocent children seeing ladies butt naked. It seems like Peta is running some organization that's almost the same as porn!
We should boycott peta!!! They say end express their loves for animals but did they do much for the animals??? No!!!
They are just some lame no-bodies trying to be a somebody by creating porn and using animals as an excuse!!! Shame on you peta!!!


PETA uses sex once again to try and get their point across. How about a billboard showing animals being skinned with knives and such. Wouldn't the shock factor of that run deeper than George Clooney's ex? Yes, I know, sex sells, but somehow it seems lame to use a gorgeous body to run their campaign.


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