Demi Moore Described as Skinny, But Happy

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Demi Moore is looking REAL skinny these days, but she's also looking happier than you might think, according to people who saw her at a recent shindig.

Maybe reports of her marital struggles have been exaggerated. Maybe Mariah Yeater has replaced Sara Leal as celebrity gold-digging skank du jour.

Whatever the reason, Moore was all smiles at Friday's A-list-packed Lanvin (Hearts) LA fashion show and dinner at Casa Carondelet in Los Angeles.

Moore, D.

Supposedly reeeling after husband Ashton Kutcher's alleged affair with 22-year-old Sara Leal, the actress, 48, "looked skinny but happy" at the intimate event.

The Margin Call actress was "very chatty" with fellow celebs at the party, adds the witness: "Demi came across the runway to kiss and say hi to Katie Holmes."

Later in the evening, Zoe Saldana made a similar trip across the runway to kiss and greet Moore, who also chatted with Lanvin's designer, Alber Elbaz.

"The whole vibe was super friendly and relaxed," adds the witness. Moore wore "nerdy glasses, but [she] looked amazing. She stayed for the whole dinner."

Close pals say Moore - who is also accused of cheating - has had good days and bad days in her marriage lately, but all has been relatively quiet of late.



The ones that fear it must not have sense enough to get a prneup if they've got assets they want to protect I've been divorced twice (ugh!) and I didn't walk away with anything but my personal possessions and half our debt (that was on my credit cards, of which he never finished paying his part so I had to) In my personal experience, the fear is VERY exaggerated (for those who claim to have it)


She is really skinny. She needs to be going to rehab for to be able to gain weight. She could die from being that thin.


Photo shopped much??.....lmfao get a life Hollywood Gossip seriously!!


Photo shopped much???? ....lmfao get a life Hollywood Gossip, seriously!!


Keep your head up, you have nothing to be shamed of. That Punk just needs another 20 minutes in the oven, with the rest of the turkeys, so he can learn which head to think with.


Demi Moore is gorgeous and pretty woman at her age 48.
Ignore the haters. They are jealous......
All the best to you Demi.


She looks terrible. Get a gripe Demi you have young ladies at home to worry about.


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