Britney Spears: Inspired By Adele, Jessie J

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If Britney Spears is feeling like she's being pushed out of the spotlight by younger, more talented artists, you wouldn't know it. In fact, she's quick to praise them.

The inger made a comeback earlier this year with her Femme Fatale album, and is glad to have "competition" from new young artists such as Jessie J and Adele.

They push her to "make her songs and live shows better" she says.

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She told Stylist magazine: "It's cool there are so many new, up-and-coming artists to look at and be inspired by. I think it's great to have a little competition."

"I feel it inspires [Team Britney] and makes us better. There are so many soulful singers, even ones from London, like Adele and Jessie J, who are just amazing."

"It feels like a really cool time to be making music now."

It's also just a cool time to be Britney Spears, in general.

"As the years have gone by, I've evolved as an artist," said the soon-to-be 30-year-old, who's been at this since 1998. "I've put even more into my career."

"After that amount of time you start to know exactly what you want. You feel a little bit more in your skin, in terms of who you are. And that feels really nice."

Britney Spears: Still got it?


Jessie J acts like all the other fucked up singers and performers. I hate her. She isnt unique at all. And Adele doesnt do a damn thing. She sings boring desperate songs while sitting there on stage. She IS overated. I mean she can sing but thankfully she will be making happier songs. I mean she can move around just a little bit on stage. And Briteny, my god! Those bitches cant compete with Briteny!


Adele is good but I think she is way overrated. Since everyone is always so candid about Britney's body, why not mention Adele's? She looks like a pig and squels like one too. As far as live performances go, Britney's got Adele beat. All adele does, all she can do, is stand there waving her arms around. Who thehell is jesse j$$$$? She won't be around in a year. Adele wont ever top 21. Id bet that brit will be strong another 13 years.


rhis is just stupid,there is no conection between your pool and the news that you published about Britney Spears..........let me see Britney praised adel=is she washed up....stupid wanna be jurnalist.........


poll is pretty close to 50-50!

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