Adam Lambert Sued for Participating on American Idol

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Adam Lambert is facing a lawsuit from a record label that claims he violated his contract by appearing on season eight of American Idol.

Colwel Platinum Entertainment - the same company attempting to release an album of former tracks by Lambert, against the singer's wishes - has filed documents in California federal court that allege Adam was under a Music Services Agreement and a Co-Publishing Agreement when he took the Idol stage.

Adam Lambert Europe Music Awards Performance

Reads the lawsuit:

"Upon further information and belief, the rules governing appearances on and participation in American Idol when Lambert was a contestant provided, among other things, that contestants were ineligible if 'as of the date of [the] audition, [they had]...a music recording contract...or any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit [them] from entering into a...recording contract..." A violation of this provision was grounds for disqualification."

The label argues that Lambert got paid for recording songs while under contract and that the agreement stipulated the company would have the right to use Lambert's name, nickname and biography in connection with advertising and promoting the tracks.

Now, however, Lambert's reps have convinced Amazon to remove "Beg for Mercy" for its catalog. This CD is comprised of singles Lambert recorded over five years ago.

"Remember than in any dispute, reserve judgement until all the facts surface from ALL parties. Guilt and innocence come with a complete story," Adam recently Tweeted regarding the controversy.


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I seem to have stumbled into an old post.. But I must say, Adam Lambert is just anaizmg. Give him any song and he'll wow the audience just like that. It's too bad though he didn't win. However, I'm glad that his talent didn't go to waste. Seems like he is still making a name in the industry even though he didn't win in American Idol. His talent really speaks for itself.


this is wrong, I don't think he should be sued for this. He's an awesome singer.


Weird that they're just getting on to him about this, 3 seasons after he's been on. Whatever, I don't feel sorry for him, he's made enough money.


This really needs to be resolved quickly because I am jonesing for some new Adam music.


The information re: lawsuit isn't exactly correct. The Plaintiff Malcolm Welsford is ticked because he was served with a stop order for his BFM sale on The violation was that he was trying to advertise it as Adam's NEW music which it is not. The song BFM were done years ago and Welsford had no intention of releasing it or the others on the BFM album which is back on Amazon now in presales. When Adam gained success on AI Welsford took some already completed session work of Adam's and released the first album w old music which btw didnt sell well as people new it was Adam's old music. Now that Adam has gained more success he is trying to get another quick buck off of BFM. His motive was to confuse people by releasing this one at same time Adam's new music was to be released this Nov. But Adam's label moved out the release date which infuriated Welsford. More to it but not enough space to explain.


hi adam lambert i am kayla schneider i am so proud of you at singing slow ride with allison iraheta you are the bestest singer in the world love you.


GREAT pic of Adam, that was the most amazing performance!! lol he is not being sued for participating on Idol.. Idol couldn't care less about this silly law suit.


Adam Lambert is the best male singer ever!People are trying to make money off him. I am sure this matter will be resolved in a way satisfactorily for everyone concerned. Adam, you are the best singer to come out of Idol ever! No one has your total look including that magnificent voice of yours. No one sings like you and no one can imitate you. Take care!