Prince Harry to the Pool Party Rescue!

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Prince Harry sure knows how to make splash in the U.S.

Having arrived in California for military training, the Prince of Wales proved himself quite the hero on a night off, coming to the rescue in a poolside bar incident.

Harry and his Army buddies were watching an England rugby match on TV at the rooftop pool of San Diego's Andaz Hotel, when someone got the bright idea to toss another bar-goer, Lindsay Swagerty, into the water - fully clothed.


"Prince Harry was the first to notice me when I got out and he wrapped his towel around me to keep me warm," Swagerty, 23, said after her unexpected plunge.

"It was such a gentlemanly thing to do."

The young professional not only kept Harry's towel as a souvenir, but the next night she and her friends met up with him and his friends for beer and shots.

Says Swagerty: "He is probably the most charming man I'll ever meet." He is single, from what we've heard ... sorry, Chelsy Davy. Which begs the question:

Who should Prince Harry marry?


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He is a true american hero and canada-match was amazing


Sometimes being single gives you time to be yourself and
to be accomplished.


The more I read about this kid the more I love him.