Police Respond to Serious Death Threat Against Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is facing a new death threat, sources confirm, and this one is a lot more serious than any Twitter messages left by Justin Bieber fans.

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According to TMZ, LAPD's Threat Management Unit has responded to a restraining order obtained by Gomez against a 46-year old crazy person named Thomas Brodnicki.

Brodnicki was reportedly picked up for mental evaluation last month after threatening to "scratch people's eyes out on the street." During sessions with a psychologist, he allegedly said he traveled to Los Angeles to meet Selena; visited her place of work on three occasions; and talked with God about murdering the singer.

Court documents reveal that Gomez is living in "extreme fear" of this taunt and that detectives are taking it seriously. Brodnicki has a history of mental illness and of issuing criminal threats.

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Selena Don't listen to others who hate, your beautiful and have a great life.


Hi selena,
Do not listen to mad people. They are just jealous!


Hi Selena ,
Don't listen to people who say bad things about you it just goes to show how insecure they are. Lots of people out there love you and they also think you are extremely talented including me . Just focuse on the people that like you and care about you and that's all that matters


Selena if u r reading this i am Samuel and i really love u. dont care about what people say about u, u r on this planet for a reason. there is more people that like u than people that dont so stay strong. xoxoxoxo


Selena Gomez is the best person in my life i LOVE Selena if she died i would to even if u don't like her like i dont like J.B still think what if that was u?


This is crazy and no one cares↑ Selena Gomez is more important,how would you feel if you were getting death theats from old men? huh? Exactly, have you thought bout that? obviously not so think bout it before you sayit!


This is crazy like jeez just leave her alone and get a lyfe!!! Justin B and Selena G are gonna be together forever so give it up damn asswhole get a lyfe


Michelle has a point,
those people out thier well i mean belibers and selenators out there dont like sel or justin.
But if there happy with it there happy.


Sel Please Be Safe!
Haters this Is Why Sels Life Is So Hard!!!
So Back Of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow!!! Tht's crzy... Ppl are getn crazier by the day. She isn't wrng for livn in fear b/c many famous ppl hve died or gtn injured at the hands of a obsessed fa or jst smeone plain straight out crzy. Gud luck selena... Be careful!

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