Occupy Wall Street: Top 10 Protester Signs

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As the Occupy Wall Street "movement" rages on, the protesters Herman Cain hates are realizing that their mission is being heavily advertised ... why not make like the GOP Presidential hopeful and create a memorable tagline for it?

All the marches and sit-ins to protest socioeconomic inequality are being videotaped and photographed so much that it's become social media phenomenon as much as a political one. Depressing as the subject matter is, these are pretty good.

Here are our Top 10 favorite Occupy Wall Street signs, as seen on Twitter:

Sign 1
Sign 2
Sign 3
Sign 4
Sign 5
Sign 6
Sign 7
Sign 8
Sign 9
Sign 10

I hope the people who find all of these signs so ludicrous don't find themselves in the problems that are afflicting the rest of America. I am 68 years old and I marched in the '60s to end a war that these little snots don't even know about. The reason I am going to Tallahassee tomorrow is to make a statement ... that it's not just the young people (and God bless 'em for their character and decency) who disapprove of the current state of things in this country. They (these wonderful young people) are the people we marched for in the '60s ... and they are the living proof that what we did was right! These other spoiled brats will have to fend for themselves because their attitude is so loathsome that NO ONE would want to help THEM!


Haha "I am so angry I made a sign"." Tear down this Wall street" they are crazy, smelly mad people who don't even know why they are protesting.


I liked all of these but the one on the bottom. I assume he's talking about college education, since K-12 is free. It's also easier to buy a car or liquor than an education. It's a ludicrous comparison. There are other options in this country. Tech schools for skilled trades and the military are only two of those other options. A welder makes very good money - far more than the typical gender-studies major with no graduate degree. Stop self-limiting.


im so laughing that i made a comment...


They are so stupid . Big corporations are publicly owned companies anyone can buy into it. If we had no wall street like they want we would have no economy!

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