Miley Cyrus Makes a Difference in Haiti

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Bravo, Miley Cyrus.

The singer recently returned from a trip to Haiti with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, where she helped that organization hand out hundreds of hearing aids to those still devastated by last year's earthquake.

“This second mission to Haiti was just as impactful to me as the first one," said Cyrus. "I grew up around music and couldn’t imagine what it would be like for my siblings and me, if we couldn’t hear the magic of music. It’s had such an influence on my life, that I just want everyone to enjoy sound as it was intended."

Impressive stuff, Miley. This sort of thing goes a long way toward helping the artist prove she is not a bad girl.

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OMG she dosent even like some people i geuss sh tryna make a chang like micheal jackson lol


hi,miley ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE .. wish u all the best , just keep on touch to GOD . MORE PROJECT TO COME , stay PRETTY , PRETTY LOOKING GOOD :))


@Miley Hater: Nobody said that you don't have the right to express your opinion about Miley Cyrus. Technically, you have the right to say whatever you want, good or bad. But you'd better be prepared to accept whatever criticism you get for your hateful opinions. Freedom of speech goes both ways. Miley's haters and supporters both have the right to express their opinions. What shocks me about you Miley Cyrus Haters is that you expect to be able to say whatever nasty or untrue thing about her that you want without her fans retaliating right back at you. It reveals your irrationality.


People have a right to say whateva they want bout Miley. She is such a jerk and a brat. Not to mention her face is sooo werid. Fuck her. Dont waste my time waste your own. Dont tell me I am wrong for hating miley. I have my rights you know? And personally people like Micheal Jackson and Amy Winehouse (REAL TALENTED SINGERS) will always be remember. But if Miley were to over dose on drugs shit bitch it wouldnt effect me or phase me the least bit. THATS THE TRUTH BEHIND ME.


STFU miley haters .. think you deserve this one :: Dear Miley haters ,
you're all the reason why every MiLESTER have two Middle Fingers !!!


@sarah: Sorry, but the last ticket was already sold out to you.


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I stjll love mjley


If only yu know how dumb yu sound when yu talk sh_t about someone yu dont know and if all she wants is fame thats HER business WTF y do yu care so much yu sound I like a str8 dumba$$ get the FU_K over it! Haters these days just dnt know when to quit!


nobody talking to you..and we all know better that what miley doing in fame world
miley dont show care about fans and she likes only FAME..
You suck..
Miley is only one celebrity i hate.
Bcz..i hate her and i respect other young celebrity like harry potter star EMMA,disney and pop star SELENA GOMEZ,robert beautiful girlfriend KRISTEN,high ambitious DEMI,and sweet TAYLOUR AND MUCH MORE