Michaele Salahi Celebrates Birthday, Serenaded By Neal Schon at Journey Concert

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America's favorite groupie slut Michaele Salahi was in her element this weekend.

The former Real Housewives of D.C. star and her fairy tale rocker beau Neal Schon of Journey fame took their bizarre PDA to new depths/heights in Denver.

Neal and the band rocked "Happy Birthday" onstage for the whole world to see. If this doesn't make you tear up over their fairy tale romance, what will?!

Just magical. Except for Tareq Salahi. Fortunately he may be too wrapped up in trying to cash in on his misfortune with his new reality show to notice.

Anyway, watch the Journey ax man serenade his adulterous lover here:


I use to love Journey and now they just turn my stomach. I think Neal Schon needs to get a facelift to go with his ugly dick pictures that he sends in emails. I don't know which is more ugly...sicko.


I believe that Michaele likes feeling special. I believe that the debt ridden rumors of her marriage to Tareq was overbearing, and the attention of long time friend Neil was the antidote that she Needed to escape the wild and rocky world of being Michaele and Tareq Sahali.
I will Not minimize the importance of marriage,so I will decline to comment on the 2 marriages involved in this particular relationship.
By all indications Neil is quite smitten with Michaele and to tell the truth what hot bloodied woman wouldn't just love to be serenaded in front of a live audience by a "Journey" guitarist with a birthday greeting just for "her" for all to see. Belated Birthday Wish to Michaele, Follow your heart and go for it!!

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