Jessica Simpson, Baby Bump Flip Off Photographers

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Good thing Jessica Simpson's future son or daughter isn't around to see this yet. The alleged singer/actress flipped off photographers at the airport Saturday.

Sporting a loose leopard print dress, the 31-year-old was evidently very far from pleased by the swarm of paparazzi that greeted her as she arrived at LAX.

The irony, of course, is that they're only there because Eric Johnson got Jessica Simpson pregnant and she won't admit it publicly, fueling the speculation ...

Jessica Simpson, Middle Finger
Pregnant Jessica Simpson Picture

The following day, she was in better spirits, walking hand-in-hand out of a Beverly Hills office building, rubbing her growing belly above a loose-fitting top.

Eric, her fiance, was protective as he walked with his arm around Jessica, gently helping her into their car. Their wedding date has not been scheduled.

For over a month, Jess has steadfastly declined to what appears to be a very obvious pregnancy in hopes of earning a big payday in a celebrity magazine.

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I do agree with the first comment to a degree.mainly just the rude things thg says.just as would think if she was out to get a paycheck she would have come out and told everyone when she found out.she probably wants personal things to be left PERSONAL.only she could only keep it that way for so long until assholes like this website make rude comments on such a great and wonderful thing! But to first comment again: these people probably don't get paid. They probably don't live in hollywood or any thing, most likely in where stars don't come around. Or that is what they make it seem when they NEVER write original articles and only steal them from actual websites with real journalists who actually speak with these famous people.lame.


Absolutely agree with the above comments!! Just because she isn't announcing it, doesn't mean she's out for a "big" paycheque...MOST sane people wait until they're in their 3rd month before telling others. J.S. just happens to be in the spot light and can't hide her growing baby belly, or the glow she permanently has. That being said, why the hell does she HAVE to admit to a rag mag (or any other others) she's preggers? The important ppl in her life know and the rest of us will when it's time. Good for her :)


Lots of people wait until they are through their 1 trimester to "ANNOUNCE" they are pregnant. Your use of the word "ADMIT" seems as if there is something wrong with her being pregnant!! Get over it. You bash her all the time on this site but can't wait to report on her....




Woah...someone needs a chill pill. Anger management much? Its just a gossip site. Anyway she does look pregnant so congrats to her :) now I believe it.


@THG, yall r sooooo full of shit. Sumtimes, i think im read'n @MediaTakeout's site b/c its bullshit. If she does not want 2 admit it, so fucking what!!!!! Its HER baby. Hell, ppl r gonna speculate anywayz, so when SHE'S ready, im pretty sure SHE'LL come out & say it. I kno yall's job is 2 put ppl's biz on blast, but the 'rude' & 'hating' remarks that r made r childish & ridiculous... Grow The Fuck Up!!!

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