Gabriel Aubry Loses in Court, Mandated Supervisor to Stick Around

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Gabriel Aubry has lost to his ex-girlfriend in court once again.

The Canadian model was hoping a judge would lift the ruling that obligated a nanny to be present any time he was with he and Halle Berry's three-year old daughter, Nahla. The actress had opposed such a request.

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla

And a judge sided with the Oscar winner yesterday, upholding the original agreement between these exes for supervised visitation only. Sources tell TMZ Aubry is peeved over the outcome because he feels a lack of alone time is affecting his relationship with his child.

Berry also defeated Aubry in court this summer when a judge ruled she could bring Nahla with her on a movie shoot in Europe.

In June, Berry accused her ex of neglect. Court documents cited a specific incident in which Aubry allegedly placed the former couple's daughter in danger. No other details have been revealed.



If my child's father had called me any kind of name at all I would have put his firetrucking balls in a sling. How dare he mistreat the mother of his child. He disgusts me thoroughly. Ppl always want to pass judgement on her but I'm pretty sure if it were some other couple that spit and not her... No one would have anything to say.


she is the supreme narcissist!


Halle, Is doing the right thing, at least for now. If he endangered his daughter then yes he needs supervision. It has nothing to do with her being crazy it is her being a MOTHER. And I believe that he called Halle a Ghetto N*** too. The truth comes out eventually. Too bad she had to find out after she had the baby.


This my dear Halle is why you can't keep a man and never will. Your crazy outshines your beauty.You didn't make that little girl on your own. You chose him so let the man be a proper father.

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