Family Wants Amanda Knox Lifetime Movie Pulled; Lawsuit Already Pending

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Amanda Knox's father says she's traumatized following her release from an Italian jail, and he's suing to have Lifetime's film - Amanda Knox: Trial in Italy - yanked off the air.

Lifetime originally aired the movie, starring Hayden Panettiere as Amanda, in February.

Knox and her family sued the network shortly thereafter, claiming the movie exploited her ordeal and contained several "implausible" scenes.

Here's a low-quality recording of the Amanda Knox movie trailer:

Curt Knox believes the Lifetime movie that depicts his daughter as a violent murderer is complete bull$h!t and, given this week's events, possibly libelous.

Lifetime has yet to pull the film, but has recently edited the end of the movie to reference Monday's vindicating Amanda Knox verdict, just before the credits.

The movie concludes with an acknowledgment that Knox was freed due to overwhelming doubts about the legitimacy of DNA evidence used to convict her.

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The movie needs to be destroyed and the producer, director and writer(s) sued for slander (which I believe they are or will be soon).
Burn the film and send the ashes to Guiliano Mignini.




Lifetime pay Amanda's legal costs.


I agree, that movie should be pulled. I didn't like how Amanda was portrayed. She needs to be given the chance to tell her side of events...maybe through a book or movie deal. I don't know her, but I never thought she was guilty, and what she and her ex-lover were put through was terribly unfair.