Elisabetta Canalis Compares George Clooney to... Her Father?!?

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Elisabetta Canalis may have dated George Clooney for years, but the 33-year old model has come out and denied reports that she was pressuring the actor into having kids or getting married.

After all, Canalis says, "between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship."

Elisabetta Canalis in Germany
A Clooney Close Up

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant makes this strange comparison in Bruno Vespa's new book "Questo Amore" ("This Love"), saying there's no bad blood at all between her and the Oscar winner, 50.

She considers Clooney "the person who valued my feminine side the most" and "also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view," adding creepily again: "He has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be."

"George and I never spoke of marriage nor of having kids," Elisabetta says. "I don't put limits to the possibility of having them, but neither George nor I had ever envisaged having kids together. The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs."

Clooney and Canalis broke up this summer. He has since moved on with another young hottie, Stacy Keibler.

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@ mara l'unica che fai pensa sei tu che giudichi le oipinioni degli altri ma chi sei tu il padre eterno ? se non ti piace che la gente non la pensa come te che ci fai qui vattene nessuno sta infangando la canalis quindi abbassa il tono e impara il rispetto dei pareri altrui


You folks need to see George Clooney in his greatest performance in the movie The Harvest.The scene will answer many of your questions.

T jones

Clooney's ex-wife must have done a number on him for him not wanting to ever get married again or ever have children. What?!...Did Clooney's ex-wife cheated on him?...Did his ex-wife get pregnant by her current husband while she was still married to him? Is he bi or in the closet? After all, he is VERY good friends with Brad, as in, Pitt! And everybody knows that Brad is hanging out with that freak Jolie. At the very least, Jolie have turned him into a freak. Brad was a little church boy before Jolie turned him out! So why is Clooney such dear friends with Pitt?! Just wondering!


george, you're a great looking guy, why can't you date women your own age??? I and many women are your age and I am great looking so why can't we find a nice guy like you? Personally not every woman our age wants marriage (just like you),it would be great to hang out with a great guy.


The impossible brat has taken the only one elegant jab at Clooney's ego. Touché! I bet it doesn't hurt anymore. She's moving on!


elisabetta you are tooo old to call clooney too old you are not young enough to be the man daughter u think things of yourself not true ,u are 33 and look like 39 u should be moving on but it's obvious that u can't and u can't fool anyone with your games .


omg how 33 years old calling 50 years old her father ,and she might be jealous clooney moved on with stacy but she didn't ouch !


Ma perchè voi dovete sempre sporcare qualsiasi cosa? Elisabetta ha semplicemente dichiarato che George le ha insegnato molte cose, avendo molta esperienza, come un padre ad un figlio! Voi invece a dire che non era una storia d'amore normale e tante altre sciocchezze! Fate pena e capisco quando la Canalis non voleva mai rilasciare interviste......qualsiasi cosa si dica voi trovate sempre il modo di infangare la persona!!!!!!


Why would any woman want to date "her father" that alone is just sucj a creepy statement. The relationship moved on due to personal needs but not about marriage or children. What other personal needs is she referring to?

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