Demi Moore Stops by Two and a Half Men Set

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Ashton Kutcher issued a mysterious message to fans late last week, spouting some nonsense about the state of truth in the media.

But there was no mystery surrounding wife Demi Moore's visit to the Two and a Half Men set Friday, sources say, as she and her reportedly estranged husband "seemed normal" an onlooker tells Us Weekly.

Pic of Demi Moore
Ashton in a Tux

Moore spent the day inside Kutcher's "massive trailer," this insider says, adding that Ashton joked around with the studio audience after a day of filming and then united with his wife.

"He put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple," the mole claims. "They were talking and smiling at each other."

It's still unclear what will happen next for these two: friends swear Demi is "humiliated" by Kutcher's naked actions with Sara Leal and has met with a divorce attorney. But other reports indicate the couple may have been separated and things aren't that simple.



oh my goodness, you cant believe everything you read, and then it is really nobodys business, except for Ashton and Demi. I hope they work it out they seemed like a good and happy couple. good luck.
What I dislike is girls like that Sara Leal, what media tramps they are
she is, what a tramp she is. First to put it out for a married man, then talk about it for publicity (hope it was good for you Sara, tramp). What did she really think it would get her good publicity, It would get her a relationship with Ashton (if it really happened)... oh well


People are so black and white with their comments...We DON'T know the real details, do we? Maybe Demi was cheating on Ashton for a long, long time. I read where they invited people into their bedroom for threesomes quite often. Maybe Demi turned Lesbo....we just DON'T know, so put down the sticks and stones and stop throwing them at Ashton. There just might be more going on than any of us non-hollywooders know about....


OMG I don't know if the rumor is true but even if they were seperated in my opinion that doesn't mean it's ok for Ashton to stick it in anywhere he wants. If they were seperated, that would mean both were taking a break so they could think things threw. And anyway just how long were they "seperated"? He couldn't wait and he couldn't keep it in his pants as soon as he was on a break?? Well if that's the case then that just goes to show what kind of a person Ashton really is. And if so he obviously does not love Demi. How disgusting seriously and to think I thought he was cool. Not anymore! :(

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