Company Offers $1M For Mold of Lindsay Lohan's Junk

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Lindsay Lohan's vadge is reportedly worth nearly a million dollars to Playboy.

Now another company has offered a cool mill for her genitalia as well. Who knew LiLo's maligned baby factory could net her $2 million in a matter of weeks!

We don't think she'll jump at the second offer, in all seriousness. It's from an adult entertainment company called FleshLight, which contacted Lohan's reps.

Lindsay Lohan On Her Back

Lindsay Lohan: So erotic. So desperate?

The company's signature product looks like a flashlight, only you .... nevermind. They want to make a mold of LiLo's lady parts to do an "authentic" model.

Use your imagination if you haven't figured it out yet.

Shockingly, or perhaps not shockingly, the practice of genital molding is not uncommon in the world of adult entertainment. Loads of XXX stars have them.

Sources close to the star say she "would never accept such an offer for any amount." She likely said the same about going nude in Playboy before though.

Just saying. Girl is feeling the financial pain these days.


I know this sounds like a weird thing, and to a lot of people maybe it is, BUT- the Fleshlight is one of the top selling, if not the #1 selling, adult toys for men in the country. That means lots of dudes are using them. I worked part-time in an adult store (I have stories to tell for years!) and those things flew off the shelves! It is unusual for a novelty company to ask a non porn performer to have their goods molded, but hey, Lindsay could use the cash. Heck, I'd do it, but since I'm not famous (or infamous, in Lindsay's case) no one's offered me a big paycheck for such easy work, which this type of gig is.


Lindsay is the last breed of the size-two white American female body. Too bad she wears no bras to let her breasts sag. Too bad she goes out in the sun and let her sensitive white skin gets burned and stretched out. Too bad she doesn't do enough yoga and stretches to toned up her flabby areas.


Ick! Hopefully she's not THAT desperate yet.


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