Casey Anthony to Sit Down With NBC?

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NBC is reportedly working hard to land an interview with Casey Anthony, and thinks it may have found a way to do so without paying her a dime, either.


An NBC news producer is reaching out to people in the literary world, according to reports, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. What's the catch?

The producer has told literary agents and others that if he scored a book deal for Casey, she'd give the network a one-hour, exclusive primetime special.

Casey Anthony on Trial

While there is believed to be a bidding war for the first interview with Casey, news networks can't or won't pay her ... so they look for crafty workarounds.

Portions of that interview would also run on Today, probably resulting in mega-ratings for the Peacock. All the while, someone else would pay Casey.

The producer makes it clear NBC couldn't pay a cent for the interview, but is pushing hard for a book deal, even saying Casey wants up front money.

Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, says he ahs knowledge of the producer's efforts, but says, "I'm not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it."

Baez also adds, "Casey is not ready to do an interview." Anthony, who remains in hiding, is also being courted by Barbara Walters, we're told.

Casey Anthony:


Please I Urge you,Don,t Affiliate Yourself With A Murderer and her Unethical ,Lying Attorney.Decent. Intelligent People Do Not Want to See or Hear more Lies from That Entire Bunch.Rating And Money You Will Not Get From This Horrible Injustice,and You Would Be Rapeing the Memory of The Murdered Child.You Know Not Guilty Does Not Mean Innocent.....


we know she didnt search for lil CAYLEE in 2008 so now thats shes been out has she even made an attempt to start a new search for who did do thiz am has she even sent anything to yhe place where she just DUMPED LIL CAYLEE... SHE JUST GOT AWAY WITH MURDER HER DAY OF JUDGEMENT WILL COME..IF EVER GIVIN MONEY FOR INTERVIEW IT SHOULD GO TO MISSING CHILDREN


casey killed caylee to have a free life. The only thing is that she didnt get to finish what she started. George and cindy are still alive. Remember she told amy that she could move in to her mom and dads house because they didnt want to live there anymore.


I wish she would die...just had to get that off my chest.hahaha


We need to find a way to flood NBC with requests to NOT have anything to do with this HAG.


It's disgraceful that anyone would want to interview this living thing.


How many more poor, innocent children will have to die before the media understands that paying these murderers for interviews or books is contributing to their crimes. And that damn B. Walters is happy to collect her salary by sitting on "The View", and acting as though she doesn't approve of these atrocities, yet she's right in there trying to get an interview. She's as notorious and morally bankrupt as the creeps she interviews. Yuk!




Does old Barbara Walters plan on paying Casey Anthony for her interview? In other words, she and anyone else who pays her is paying her for killing her child. Oh well, I can't say I'm surprised. Old Barbara has always been a W---- for an interview.


Any money they want to pay this murderer should go to passing a Caylee Anthony law. This infuriates me that someone can kill her child, get off with a slap on the hand and make money off it too. NO, she does not deserve a dime. She is a conniving pathological liar and the whole world knows it. The law failed Caylee but Casey's judgement day will come when she is sent to hell for committing the worst of the 10 commandments. THOU SHALL NOT KILL.