WTH Happened to Ali Lohan's Face? Age, Rep Says

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Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors abound, but are completely false, her rep insists. Instead, Lohan's camp says the teen's body and face are merely aging.

She's only 17, after all. People's looks naturally change from 14 to 17.

Her dramatically different appearance has become a focal point of entertainment news shows and sites, but her rep says she did NOT go under the knife.

Ali Lohan Face

"Aliana has never had any type of plastic surgery in her life, or ever considered it," Steve Honig says. "Her success as a model lies with her natural looks.

"She has no interest in changing that. In the past two years, she has gone through a normal teenage growth spurt that has made her taller and slimmer."

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister is demonstrably thinner - some might even say she looks like an anorexic waif - but team Lohan says she's totally healthy.

Lohan's growth "has slightly changed the composure of her face, all of which is typical of what happens to kids in their mid to late teens," Honig says.

"It's what people refer to as the awkward stage. Ali is growing up; that's all."

You buying it? Tell us: Do you think Ali got plastic surgery?

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that parents sohlud stop looking at celebrities as role models for their kids. I agree with that 100%. Let people live and love. #yeygay, she's bisexual. In an ideal world however, I would expect ppl not liking her for extending the leggings thing a bit too long. Not because of her choice of an arguably attractive yet shady DJ as her lovercindy.2. Can you tell I'm a bit drunk? It's Tuesday, I know. But it's 23:52 in Sweden. That's the time when everyone's drunk here. or not.3. I'm soooo incredibly happy for Autostraddle being nominated for a Lezzy. I just figured out the reason: I feel included in the concept. Even as a reader/commenter. That's never happened to me before. I mean it in a good way. You just nailed it with the feelings thing. WE HAVE SOOO MANY FEELINGS. WE JUST WANNA BLURT THEM OUT LOUD. NSFW SUNDAYS ARE AWESOME. 0


Artclies like this just make me want to visit your website even more.


I feel bad for her, I mean check out her fam. She never had a chance. I can't even tell if she wants to be in the public eye or not. Her mother should be smacked, to say the least, for allowing her to do anything surgically. I think she needs help & support not these grown losers attacking her. From the paparazzi to some losers just leaving comments on diff sights it's all pathetic.


Who cares?


i'm very sory 4 this girl,so when she reach to d age of 25 how would she look like?


This is serious. I'm not trying to be mean but I think it's fair for us to worry about teens who are influenced by those around interested in making money off of them. Many teens are famous when younger then surface later. That doesn't explain these kinds of changes. Where there's smoke there's fire. Something's up.


Ok. This story has been done now. Many times over. It's old. The meaness can stop now. Hopefully.


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So the last sighting of her was when she was 14?? Yes, people change from year to year as they grow but we have seen her as recently as March or May of this year and she looked totally different then. So to say it's due to age is ridiculous!!!!


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