Vienna Girardi on Nose Job, Kasey Kahl, Jake Pavelka & Bachelor Pad Drama

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Vienna Girardi is in this for the money.

The former winner of The Bachelor and fiancee of Jake Pavelka has ZERO qualms about admitting that her second stint on reality TV is financially motivated.

“I said no at first,” she told The Huffington Post about coming on Bachelor Pad, adding that she only agreed to be on the summer show on one condition.

“They told me Jake wouldn’t be,” she said. “They clued me in a few days before we started filming, but by that point I was all packed and ready to go.”

Vienna Girardi Bikini Photo

Vienna need not worry about wearing a life preserver.

Jake was voted off the episode before last, but not before three weeks of fireworks between himself, Vienna and her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl.

Vienna Girardi admits having Jake Pavelka around was “uncomfortable” but says she and Kasey had fun and are friends with many Bachelor Pad stars.

In fact, it Erica Rose that encouraged her nose job.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while,” Girardi said of her new schnozz, adding that she talked about it with Rose while filming the show.

“A week later, I was in Texas” to have the job done.

Girardi debuted her new nose in August, but does not think that she will be going back under the knife anytime soon. “No, I’m done,” she said.

As for Girardi and Kahl, viewers still don’t know how far the power couple makes it in the game, but things are definitely moving fast for them.

The couple recently moved in together, but should the day come that Kahl gets down on bended knee, don’t expect to see the moment on ABC.

“I had said I didn’t want him to propose on the show,” she said when asked about a ridiculous scene showing Kahl giving her a promise ring.

Bachelor Pad After Dark

Vienna and Kasey get freaky on Bachelor Pad.

Though we won’t see Girardi get engaged on TV for the second time, she and Kahl haven’t ruled out returning to reality TV. There's a shocker.

“We’ve talked about it,” she said regarding appearing on reality TV on a Vienna and Kasey show after Bachelor Pad. “We’re not against it.”

She may have competition there. Pavelka told Ryan Seacrest he’d consider appearing on The Bachelor a second time, "but not right away."

Hey, Brad Womack just went 0-for-2. Why not Jake Pavelka?

Vienna won't be watching if so. “Absolutely not,” she said.


In my opinion, Vienna is an amazing person. Jake broke her heart once. Kasey is absolutely the right guy for Vienna. You don't judge people by the way how they look, if you do, look in the mirror before you judge someone. How I wished Jake and Vienna are married, but after watching that video that Jake made Vienna cried, it totally gives me another opinion about Jake. I'm not here no say Jake is a bad guy. He's really amazing too. Please do not judge others by the way how they look, there are different stories behind each other's back, you'll never know. I think it's just a misunderstood.


Im lying of course. Im just a whore who feels a kinship with vienna because we both like to use good men heeheh


I dont think we have a right to judge vienna and Kasey. We would not want anyone judging us. He thinks shes beautiful and if they are happy then what is it of our place to judge them. I think they will make it. They love each other and everyone makes mistakes. Yes they had some heated moments on bachelor pad that should have been kept private but I think they realized that the things the fought about really weren't worth it and should have stayed behind closed doors and it was due to stress of being on the show. Everyone needs to leave vienna and Kasey alone and let them be and live their lives. THe public really has no clue how they act in every day life or in the privacy of their own home. They love each other and know what they are doing and are adults and can handle their own relationship. :) I think they will be just fine.


I feel ashamed that Kasey is from the town I"m from. He's the biggest joke/embarassment around here.
As for Vienna, there really are no words, disgust, shameful, trampy, trashy, just don't come close. I guess we need a new word to encompass all of the above.


Vienna is so damn ugly. she is cross eyed and has such a self absorbed bitch personality. dang! and how obsessed she is over Jake, my god.


WOW.. I totally agree with naj and rank; I cannot stomach Kasey and Vienna. never say what Jake Pavelka ever saw in her, (and her crossed eyes, yuk.) in fact I actually stopped watching "Bachelor Pad" once Jake got voted off, The contestants were idiots not to see through Kasey and Vienna, Kasey makes me vomit and Vienna (well I can't repeat waht she makes me do)


KASEY AND guys make me sick....seriously simply sick. Both of you are sick a big loser that I can actually understand now what loser mean. You define loser. I totally get sick when I see kasey’s face….you not even worth a cap k

Team me

Must suck to spend all kinds of money on plastic surgery and still be ugly.

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