Vienna Girardi: Moving in With Kasey Kahl!

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Her engagement to Jake Pavelka was a disaster of epic proportions.

His attempts to woo Ali Fedotowsky were largely unsuccessful.

But it was all worth it for Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl, because those failures brought them together. Now, the lovebirds are taking their nauseating relationship to the next level - they're moving into a pad of their own!

YIKES: Kasey will now have to worry a little less about how to guard and protect Vienna's fake boobs and nose. They'll all be living under the same roof!

Vienna Girardi, 25, and Kasey Kahl, 27, are both cast members on the summer hit Bachelor Pad, where they are already stirring up the most drama.

They began dating earlier this spring, proving that there is a soulmate out there for every human being, no matter how painful they might be.

For a glimpse of what life is likely to be like in their new place, check out this screen capture from Monday night's Bachelor Pad premiere ...

Bachelor Pad After Dark

Vienna and Kasey turn Bachelor Pad into the Soft Core Pad.



All the rude comments made against Vienna are just selfish people with no life. They shouldn't judge others, they should be worried about cleaning up thier own lifes. Everyone deserves a chance. As for her nose job, or anything other surgery she has, what's it to you? Your not paying for her clothes are surgeries!
I feel for you Vienna and wish you the best of luck.


Jake does not realize how lucky he is to be away from this slutty bitch !! She was a WHORE when she lived in Florida and Kasey might want to take a rabies shot after being with her. She has a LONG like of guys she screwed in Florida - sh might of even beat Gene Simmons for the number of people she has slept with


If Kasey's mom is still living, she is probably losing sleep over this relationship. It takes a woman to see through another woman and most of us can see through her like a pane of glass.


Vienna I fucking hate you you are a dirty dirty bitch!!!!!


He talks like Kermit the Frog

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi
Vienna Girardi is a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelor, pining for hunky Jake Pavelka along with 24 other aspiring trophy... More »
Sanford, Florida
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Vienna Girardi