Todd Palin Slams Joe McGinniss' Book, Neglects to Mention Awesome Glen Rice Rumor

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Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, denounced Joe McGinniss' new book about Alaska's most famous family as "disgusting lies, innuendo and smears" in a statement.

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    Ummmmm a 6' 8" black man, how can I be down! White girls have all the fun.


    First "Dud"...(LOL)


    Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

    I love all of the sympathy and caring that comes from all of the supposedly "Tolerant Left"! What a joke!


    I became curious about Sarah Palin when she did not accept state trooper security when she became governor. She is a desirable woman whose husband was on the North Slope for weeks at a time, and she was around on-the-make alpha males continuously in her political career, and traveling with what could be lonely nights in hotel rooms. It's a piece of cake to slip in and out of rooms when there is no security outside the door. With a couple of drinks to soften one up, it's a short distance from the bar to the bedroom and why would a warmed-up woman want to suffer the pain of being alone? I'm getting aroused even contemplating the inevitabilities.


    @Kitty King: Nice One


    I had thought of Joe McGinniss as a true crime writer. And the last book of his I read was quite good, well researched and well written. Not sure that I will read this book as I have zero intrest in any more info on Sarah Palin,good or bad.

    I agree with @Leo. And would like to add that it seems as though Sarah Palin wants so badly to be in the public eye, wants so badly to be seen as someone "important" but yet she refuses to accept that the more she puts herself out there the more people are going to talk about her both good and bad. She refuses to admitt any tiny misstep in her life and slams anyone who may point them out yet is willing to bask in the glow of every positive comment made about her no matter who it comes from. She wants only positive things said about her and reacts like a toddler throwing a tantrum when anything even slightly negative is said.


    Their own statements tell you the kind of people we are dealing with. They may not like the author living next to them, and for good reason, but they imply he is a stalker and a pedophile. She slanders the writer in the same breath as she whines about being slandered. What a joke.


    Dear Sarah,

    Please don't let this get you down. Look on the bright side. You CAN make lemonade out of lemons. Now you can add to your resume that you have had foreign relations experience with African-Americans. All you gotta do is take your tweeted advice to Dr. Laura Schlessinger after she used the N-word 11 times in 5 minutes after being asked a question about mixed-race dating from a black female caller. Your tweeted advice? "don't retreat...reload!" Is that what you told Glen Rice also too?

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