Sarah Palin-Glen Rice Love Tryst Alleged in New Book

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A new tell-all book about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin claims she had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice way back in 1987.

Is that true? Does it matter? The answer to both is highly debatable. Is this the greatest rumor of all time? To that, we might have to answer yes.

At the time, she was single and working at a TV station as a sports reporter; Rice was a college basketball star visiting Alaska for a tournament.

Sarah Palin and Glen Rice

Glen Rice scored 18,336 career points and won a title with the '00 Lakers. If he scored with Sarah Palin, he wins the title of Most Randomly Hysterical One-Night Stand.

Factual or not, Palin's alleged romantic encounter with Rice - some three years younger and then a junior in college - is causing serious, hilarious buzz.

Neither could not be reached for comment about the sexy fling, although Rice is said to have confirmed it to author Joe McGinniss. So ... yeah.

The hookup is said to have occurred after the '87 Great Alaska Shootout.

Glen was playing for the University of Michigan then. Palin apparently covered the event, only to be covered by Rice's naked body shortly thereafter.

Mere months later, in 1988, Sarah eloped with high school sweetheart Todd Palin. The two are still married and have five children with strange names.

SIDE NOTE: Wonder how Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey feel about this.

In addition to the Rice rumor, Joe McGinniss' highly-anticipated book implies that Palin committed adultery with Brad Hanson, Todd's business partner.

It also says Sarah and Todd both snorted cocaine off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum during a snowmobile trip before she was governor. Awesome.


and why is it such a big deal??? Because hes a black man! And that comes from the same people who "support" Pres Obama!!!!


Who cares if sarah palin had sex with Glen Rice. I like her more now! The hatred towards this woman is pure fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. America and its equality??? No equality for woman or blacks! Can't u all see what they r doing? All those people that "like" Pres Obama r hypocrites that are destroying him just like they r doing to Sarah. U'll see in the end.....a white man will have the Presidency once again. And thats just the way they want it! Make the black man look like he doesnt know what hes doing, and degrade the woman. Unbelieveable that people can't see thru this.


Sarah, is it true that you have a fetish for black meat? Yo Betcha!!!!


If Sarah Palin was a black democrat, most all the newsmedia and tv so-called comedians would be in jail. Bill Maher and friends can only say stuff because she is a white republican. So much for equality. WHere is Jesse and Al when you really need them. They can't see the forest for the trees.


(VIDEO) Sarah Palin Sex Scandal Rap?- SEX WIT A DEMOCRAT (Dear Sarah Palin) by Macarone How to get into Sarah Palin’s Pants!


The Beast in Sarah In Alaska, a newsgirl named Sarah
Whose loins were a steamy caldera
Let one of the black wolverines
Get into her jeans
And use her garage to park his big black Pantera. Sarah said "That car's got the juice!,
And it fits in this garage real loose"!
But the Wolverine had to go,
And then Sarah, don't you know
True to form, started dating a Moose! Then "Mama Griz" decided to marry
Her sweetheart polar bear, just white ordinary.
Now "Once you go Black,
You never go back!"
Is liable to give Todd his first coronary! Then Mama Griz, the political over achiever
Put some ice on her hot Alaskan beaver.
But now we al know
That there's more to her show
'Cause this candidate once had "Jungle Fever"!


No fan of Sarah,
whether she did, or whether they didn't.
Who cares!!
Where's The Beef??


I can't believe that coke whore cheated on her husband wearing daisy dukes to mo the lawn for her new boyfriend next door to her home. her husband tells all on extra.


AH some old story


Joe McGinniss' likes to dress like a woman and have sex with men usually on his knees or on all fours.

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