Ray J "Ain't Tripping" Over Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Purchase

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An unknown individual is reportedly interested in acquiring Kim Kardashian Superstar, the sex tape made between Kim Kardashian and Ray J in 2007.

How does the amateur porn director feel about the rights to his work being purchased from Vivid? Just fine, we think.

Caught by TMZ cameras, Ray J was asked about the potential sale and said he was not tripping over it. Mo money, mo problems, the artist added, while concluding that the rumored starting price tag of $30 million was WAY too low...

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I hate my life but at least this makes it beaabrle.


I agree with teamkim


defender: None of your business what I spend my time doing. At least it isn' t spent on ridiculing and hating someone I never met. Now that is a psycho. Go crawl back under your rock.I am a fan and proud of it.And I am not the only fan Kim has.Take your stupidity elsewhere.


teamkim, if this is really a fan you need to find yourself something productive to do...I feel really sorry for you. Get a life!


teamkim you are a psycho!!! If this is really a fan, you need to find yourself something productive to do...I feel really sorry for you. Get a life!


Actually she hasnt shown that she is a selfless individual which is actually quite a turn off and not a good influance for our young woman i agree it looks like mommy dash or jenner is saling little sister as well no limits this woman wont stop so sad


To Jessica. If there is freedom of speech then I can also say what I want and you are the psychotic one not me because to hate someone for their lifestyle makes no sense because it changes nothing so mind your own business about what I say.Alot of people here keep writing vulgar comments and they are rude like you are.At least I don't hate her for her personal choices which are her Own business.They hate her out if jealousy including yourself. Sad .;-)


yall sound crazy as hell. Do yall kno how many ppl other than Kim r famous for NOTHING, look@ the whole JerseyShore cast, hell, sum actors/actresses cant act, same thing wit the singers. So y singlely hate on her? I like her& f sum1 sells their whole life,then more $$ for them. Shit it aint ur $$ nor ur life, yall dont have2buy her shit,& w/ each person hating on her, its probly 10 more ppl loving/buy'n her shit. I dont thnk she gives a damn whether the whole world doesnt like her,i mean but she's doin SUMTHIN RIGHT!!!!! U go Kim, make ur haterz make u more $$,they DUMBASSES


Team Kim the thing about America is everybody has the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH... Some people were raised to believe your sex life should remain private and not sold to the highest bidder for fame now I can understand that you are a Kim K fan but the obsession with attacking everybody who disagrees with Kim is slightly phsycotic and you should get help for that.. You say Team Me is vulgar for the things she writes yet you call her a bitch and passionately defend Kim who is the most vulgar woman of all which makes you a hypocrite... Kim sells every aspect of her life, leaks fake stories to the tabloids & calls the paps to give her daily itinarary so they are there to photo her every move therefore she is going to have people either like or dislike her...The majority of people do dislike her and for good reason and it will remain everybodys business until she lives her life for herself and NOT for the column inches and camera time she can generate fact!


team me Also you are one of the "fucking stupid people" Have a good long look at yourself. You are not perfect. You are childish and immature.Putting people down makes you feel better. Sad.

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