Paris Hilton Sets Sights on DJ Career (Really)

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With her terrible show axed, Paris Hilton has time on her hands. If nothing else, you have to give the girl credit for always trying to expand her empire.

To that end, she is training to become a DJ, according to TMZ.

Seriously. The ho-tel heiress has been traveling the world to shadow some famous DJs to get some guidance for her upcoming house music album.

Paris Wants to DJ

Hilton is recording right now with David Guetta, and has become tight with Afrojack and Deadmau5, among other big names in the dance music genre.

Paris fancies herself the "Queen of house music" in training, in part because she loves it, and because "no woman has ever taken over in that arena."

She thinks she can be that girl. Do you?

Try not to laugh, we're seriously asking.


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Look, people need to realize that although she has done shameful things in the past, if her music sounds good, then it sounds good. maybe she didn't like Bob Sinclair, but this doesn't mean that without the proper training (Afrojack and Deadmau5), she can't become good at it.


Well...they say it takes two of three things to succeed in any field...
1. Money
2. Connection (Her money automatically made those for her)
3. Talent (well I guess the first two were all she needed) the question will be is it enough to sell tickets in the night club scene because when I go see a name in a club it is 100% for his talent. Lets see what happenes to her. Rikk Ton


Of course she is. Lady DJs have been hot for a long time. She won't last in my opinion...but let er rock out with her cock out for a few and do her thing. It's entertainment for the rest of us. Lord knows she's been Doing her job in the LOL dept for years now.


Her porno career-fail, reality tv-fail, singing career-fail, relationships-fail. Paris if you are reading this do yourself a favor and spare yourself and your family name the humiliation. Stick to what you're good at... being a party girl. You're really good at that.


she's using her rePUTAtion [and money] to attach remixers to her profile... next week my dog will become a dj too.


Her music I's so good what are people talking about Paris is awesome.


give me a break! for real! Im 100% sure that she will have a croud! so many that will show up just cause she is a celeb! but a quality dj 100% Not @ all! she will have to have more experience in bagage from before like us that has been djing since the early days! its not just puting on a record and pres play! im sorry but im not positive that she will be good at this!


Paris is too pretty to be a DJ. Time to train yourself to be a billionaire wife Miss Hilton, not a manly job called DJ.


Funniest thing I've heard all week... LOL


After her fight with Steve Angello from SHM....i dont think she should be a DJ if she thinks one of the best house acts out there is crap. and it has nothing to do with her being a celab. A lot of celabs DJs, eg Pedro from the Napolean Dynamite ^^^... Elijah Wood ect ect... we all remember her last CD right just think how bad it will sound when she is making the beats to

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