The World According to Paris: Canceled!

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In news as stunning as it is devastating, The World According to Paris will not be returning for a second season on Oxygen, New York Magazine reports.

Pour out some of your Appletini for Paris' latest reality show.

According to N.Y. Magazine, Hilton's show earned barely 400,000 viewers in its June debut and sunk even lower in airings for subsequent episodes.

Not even an appearance by THG could salvage the show.

"I wanted the show to be as real as possible," said the 30-year-old Paris, who appeared alongside mom Kathy Hilton, boyfriend Cy Waits and Brooke Mueller.

"There's a lot of things in the show that I'm like, 'Oh my God, I cannot believe I'm going to allow this on television.' Years ago I'd have been like, 'No way.'"

What things does she mean? No one will ever know.

Hilton isn't taking it too hard, though, despite walking off Good Morning America when grilled about her dwindling relevance this summer. She tweeted that she's "loving life," "excited for all of my upcoming projects" and "super busy."

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i loved the show i want it to make new season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


are pinkog out unbelievable. She is still driving around in that pink Bentley. I have a post of it HERE


Strange as this may sound, celebs like the Simpson sisters and the Kardashian brood actually have a few endearing qualities about them. And yes, even Nicole Richie has evolved beautifully — if not completely. Now, Paris Hilton, on the other hand… she’s this petite princesse Bourbon. She has learned absolutely nothing and forgotten absolutely nothing. In an age where songs are downloaded, she is a cross between a reel tape and an 8-track player. Only her physical age has changed over the years.


i just hears it was cancelled, i was shocked. all of a sudden it seemed to end on tv.. i thought maybe season just ended, i dont recall any finales. thought it would surely be back again. maybe paris will think something else up, she is a business woman and i am sure she has lot of ideas and we havent seen the end of Paris hilton. The other reality stars come and go, but Paris is interesting. Some refuse to admit it, but its true, we like to hear the stories, see the parties, etc. i hope she comes up with another show.
Tyler ( Evanston, Wy)


i liked the show, it was good. Kardashaians, who cares about them? no one! 3 ugly fat girls famous for being stupid. Paris is more interesting than them , way more interesting, it was interesting to hear the boyfriend sagas, the personal assistant saga, brooke mueller saga and all the stories on the show. Elise Dingler
Alphratetta, GA


I enjoyed the show too, it was almost like a soap opera but real! its a shame it got cancelled..i really liked it, i am sure a lot of people did


i'm pissed. i loved this show. i discovered it on hulu. maybe , if oxygen gave it a little more love twatp would have a second season. p.s. i know several people addicted to this show LOVES IT




Sorry Paris. We all are more interested in the Kardashians. You just are not that interesting.


i only got to see a couple episodes. I liked it, i wish i would have seen more but they seem to barely air it. Perhaps thats why it did so bad. I could never figure out when it was on.

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