Michelle Obama Stays on Target

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First Lady Michelle Obama shops at Target? Who knew!

Well, now you do. We meant before reading this story.

The 47-year-old mother of two was recently seen taking a shopping cart through Target in Alexandria, Va., just outside D.C., carrying two bags full of purchases.

Michelle Obama at Target

The fashionable First Lady dressed down for the occasion.

If she weren't swarmed by Secret Service agents and photographers every waking moment, the American style icon might even be considered incognito in a gray Nike baseball cap, sunglasses and a casual buttoned top.

That said, she seemed to make her way through the store without too much commotion. A source tells People that Michelle "picked up dog food and toys for Bo," among other undisclosed household items. For the White House.

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Yeah TMAC- I bet your useless Ass is proud! You haven't worked since Obama has been in office! Plus Crack Prices are at an all time high. Maybe she has a Belt in that basket for you! We are sick of looking at Boxers!


I wish your 1st Lady give me her take on the Wisconsin State Fair Riot in August! Or the Brutal Murder of a White Couple in Knoxville! I'm very interested in her opinion!


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Maryanne gaeta

first of all i want to say i do like our first lady.... but pleeeeze give me a break, this woman has absolute no fashion sense at all, and i'm not just referring to this picture....sorry, but i think she is dead ass ugly...... how in God's name can they call her a fashionista........ ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????????????


SHOW 'EM SISTER...She is amazing. Obama 2012! I am so proud to be Africain american because of you, my First Lady....so proud.


I am not sure I believe this is her either. First of all, you can't see any body guards in this pic. Second, notice that no one behind her is looking at her as if they know who she is. I promise you those people would be staring more if it was really her.


@Brenda...y wud she wanna sit n the house&shop online all of the time?!? How's she risking her life f she was "swarmed w/ bodyguards"?! & she does not seem like the 'stuck up' type 2 not shop @ a regular chain store!!


She's such a badass.


it looks like her to me...I like her...she is so down to earth.


that does not look like her...they would not let her risk her life just to shop at target...especially when she could do it online...so I don't believe you...she's just too important...try again...

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