Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Wanted to Tap THIS!

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Levi Johnston is making the media rounds - thank goodness - to promote his new book. What more could he possibly have to say? This, for starters:

Sarah Palin had a "cougar" crush on him, he alleges.

"Even growing up my friends would always say that [Palin would flirt with him] ... it seems kind of weird," he said in an interview with E! News.

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"Then one of my publishers said she had a cougar crush on me! Now looking back and remembering what everyone said, I'd say, 'Yeah, I think she did,'" he added. "She never touched me or anything like that! But it weirds me out thinking about it."

He's not the only one, we have a feeling.

The "star" also said that his son with Bristol Palin was no accident and that the DWTS alum was jealous of Sarah, wanting a baby after her mom had Trig.

Yup, Bristol got pregnant on purpose.

"Bristol wanted to have a baby," he says, countering the Palins' version of what happened that night he pitched a tent. "It all happened on purpose."

"I wasn't tricked into it ... I kind of went with it," adds Johnston, adding that when he and Bristol briefly reconciled, they even talked about No. 2.

No word if he actively tried to put another baby inside his "fiancee", but the motivation was simple, explains Levi Johnston: "She loves kids." Holla!

You gotta love this guy. Absolutely no tact or shame in selling the Palins out. Here's another interview Levi gave on the Wendy Williams Show:


what a lying shitbag levi is. I dont believe for a minute sarah would bother with this fool. he just wants to sell his book any way he can.


Sad--but I think Levi is telling the truth about Sarah having a crush on Bristol's friends. Did you see that interview when Mark Ballas went to Alaska? Sarah started flirting the minute he walked in the door and soon Mark and Sarah were spending all their time together and Bristol was standing there all alone and wondering what happened. A cougar for sure--Todd doesn't even have a job and mooches off all the money they make.


The Palins and Levi are legends in their own minds, they're all pathetic. Sarah and daughter competing against each other. There are at times a competing daughter against her mother but the mother generally doesn't compete back.


Levi is a legend in his own mind. God he's pathetic!

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