Lacey Schwimmer Stands Up for Chaz Bono, Slams DWTS Critics

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Lacey Schwimmer really doesn't get it.

Some people are taking issue with Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing with the Stars because this individual has undergone a gender transformation? This is an example of Hollywood tearing down traditional values? Really?!?

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"It's disappointing," Schwimmer, who is partnered with Bono on DWTS, told The Insider. "No human is perfect, so why are they pointing out what they perceive to be an imperfection in someone else? It's not cool. We're all taught to not bully, or harass, and treat everyone as equals yet all these people are doing exactly the opposite."

Earlier today, Cher also stood by her controversial son. It should all make up for an interesting, highly-related season of Dancing with the Stars, that's for certain.

Where do you stand on the casting of Chaz Bono?


This is for �just me�... I don't know half the people who were selected this season. But, I do know who Chaz it. What it all boils down to is this... some of us are acting as bigots and some of us have an understanding heart. Please ask yourself why you are having such a hard time with this. Most of us are in the process of changing something about ourselves, such as healing resentments, anger, fears, etc… You can shift you perception just a bit and see that Chaz is no different than the rest of us. We all need to feel loved and accepted. If Chaz were my son, I would be very proud of him. I will MOST CERTAINLY be watching this season!!!


something to ponder. what if, c bono was involved in a high crime of some sort. csi shows up to recover dna evidence and is successful. the dna evidence points to the criminal being a woman and matches perfectly with c bono's. but c bono is legaly a man now, even though the chromesones of the genitic code of the life that God gave you don't mesh seamlessly(or at all). legaly c bono would have to be released because they're a man on paper. scientificly and by Gods design, he's a gal. could it be the perfect crime? do you let the legaly changed transexual criminal go or damn legal manuvering and fry his ass according to good old science?


spell check audra, but its not goint to correct the grammer too. not chooses, its choices for a start. was your mother or father a transexual/genderqueer too? neither of mine are. who else on here has had that type of experience growing up except chandler bing of friends fame? so how do you know what it will do? speculation or just a gut feeling? this should not be taken lightly.


My name is chastity , my parents were big sonny n Cher fans n name me after their daughter. Through the years people as me if I was gay like her. You knw from me n Chaz it's none of your buisnes r anyone what we like. We all r human! U go Chaz!!!! Love, chastity palomino Texas!!!!


Truthfully, its none of anyone business about Chaz life. Its his life I see and hear this crap about how his choose of his life and danceing is going to affect children and adults. Each one of us have chooses in teaching our children, if you want to inflicted your believes, that is your problem, Who cares if you aren't going to watch it. This is one example of how Bullying is in school with our children and now we have Adults acting it out, Chaz hold your head high dance away. I want you to win.


Go Chaz! Your a wonderful person and I love you!


lol, you'll have to put that head back into the sand. everyone has an opinion, just because they're not the same as yours doesn't make them any less valid.


I love and support you Chaz cant wait for the new season, show em what you got


Shoot! Spellchecker :( Bigots, we're done with you.


Why do we even give any attention to the bully's? Talking about it does force people to be more supportive, yes. But isn't it time to stop giving attention to the haters, and now focus on the supporters? We supporters want to be heard too!! Bigots GO HOME! We're don't with you!!

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