Report: Kris Humphries is a Weird Oaf, Despised By the Kardashians

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Being Mr. Kim Kardashian cannot be easy. Still, Kris Humphries had to know what he was getting into, right? Maybe not, if dueling tabloids are to be believed.

Sources say the baller hasn't exactly won over Kim's tight-knit family.

That's putting it midly. Dude reportedly ripped Kourtney Kardashian for being "slave" to son Mason, roughhouses Kim so hard that her sisters call him "this weird, big clumsy oaf" and "was being a dick" through much of their courtship.

Already Miserable
Defending Their Love

Married only one month, Kim is already forced to defend her love. Or just miserable, depending on which totally accurate supermarket gossip rag you pick up.

All of those quotes are courtesy of Us Weekly. Star, meanwhile, suggests that Kim isn't a big fan of Kris lately either, "fighting bitterly" with her new spouse.

Two major points of contention:

  1. Their life is completely, comically staged.
  2. Kris noticed.

"He's sick of how their lives are planned out like a scripted TV show," a source reveals, adding that just a few days before the wedding, he freaked out.

He doesn't like how the relationship is for the cameras, making you wonder how the heck he would possibly propose to Kim if that's even half true.

Allegedly, Kim told Kris she'd been planning this wedding since she was 10 years old, and he snapped: "Yeah, and you could just slot any guy into it."

No comment yet from Damon Thomas on that topic.

Short, possibly bogus story: Everyone hates Kris, his namesake, Kris Jenner, has demanded that they "cool it" because "it may damage Kim's reputation."

Still, Kim's mom is furious that Kris is verbally abusive to Kim, rolling his eyes when she talks and even SMOKING A JOINT at a recent party. Unreal.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: Will it last?


Just gotta say personally I could careless whether or not Kim effin kartrashian n kris humph gets divorced or not I never thought it'd make it anyway really how long did they know one another? 30 minutes prior to the engagement? I like kris contrary to whatever anyone else thinks he's funny and I think he's a great guy.,just not for her or that family. And truthfully khloe n Lamar n my opinion have a REAL life marriage and LOVE for one another and also Kourtney n Scott I think marriage or not I'll be SHOCKED if they ever separate.....that being said what's the problem with this picture both other (older sisters) got it right first time around n this is # who the fuck cares for money hungry self absorbed Kim K???Hmmmmm


So dwn hrted 2 hear dis


Kris a class A dushbag....eew he is so gross,creepy and a major ahole. Khole is right about him. Every single thing he says is annoying....Kim runs the show period, and he best get used to it....It's so annoying how he makes comments like "oh your family is strange with all the women running the show".....gross disgusting and he might as well get used to her running the show rite now...He's a major Ahole that is now devoid of an identiy...Moldem rite Kim, this guy is a real "Fix-Me-Upper" and you've got your work cut out for you....HEEE HEEE. That's the bottom line truth. Kris Dumphrey


I like it in the ass. I wanna fuck kim in the ass. While her mom licks my butt hole. Then ill pull out my dick covered in shit & id make that whore kim suck it clean. & then id beat her. She's a nasty slut. That can suck on the balls. ;)


I'm sorry, they dated for about ten seconds before they were married. He's a fame whore who's asshole ways clearly indicates that not only does he not care how fighting with Kim's family is not going to boost his way into Americas heart, but that as soon as he gets it into that crom magnum head of his that he's replacing Scott as the resident douche bag, he's going to jump ship and write a tell all book, that is after he tries to contest the pre nup that u know mama Kris was smart enough to insist on.






i love them !!


I feel sorry for all teens who watch this show and want to become like them. No amount of money or how much you have done to your body will improve the mental state of mind you feel about yourself. Yes taking care and making your self the best you can. Is far different then reality of Kim k. Everyone with half a brain can tell before and after photos of her and how much she change in ten years. I mean physical from top to bottom. It's so sad how it change from 90's to now how women need to get things done to a part of life.

Avatar that an nba player is smoking weed and the author just throws it in at the end...kris h is mad their life is fake is the lead story..great job..

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