Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season Finale Ratings: Huge, Depressing

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Despite the holiday weekend, and despite the fact that the episodes focused on an event from months ago, the two-part season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians drew record ratings on Sunday and Monday nights.

Approximately 3.5 million viewers tuned each evening to watch Kris Humphries propose to Kim Kardashian... even thought WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT SHE SAID AND EVEN THOUGH EVERY MOMENT ON THIS PROGRAM IS 100% SCRIPTED. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, IT'S NOT REAL! KIM DOESN'T EVEN UPDATE HER OWN FACEBOOK OR SEND HER OWN TWEETS!

Sorry. Something must have happened to our keyboard there.

Anyway... a seventh season of this utter nonsense is all but guaranteed, though fans (who are you? Show yourselves!) need not wait until next summer to see Kim and Kris again: they are currently filming season two of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.


I love this show but honestly kim needs to be such an att um how do I not b mean person.i give props to these peps they make money outta nun.i dont blame kourt for not gettn married how many percent of pep actually get married its just a peace of paper she luvs scot and he luvs her. As for kloe I luv her relationship after weeks of marrage and shes lasted more than kim thats luv;)if ur here its cuz u care so if u dont like them fuk off y stop hateing straight up.


I don't understand the fascination either. I watched a few episodes and I can almost imagine a producer telling them what to do. Who brushes and talks with their spouse in the bathroom in their nice pjs. It's almost like a scene from a movie. The scenes are just too unreal. As long as women want to look like them and be like them, we'll unfortunately see more of them.


Kim is just a spoiled brat with lots of plastic surgery!!!!lol.


I use to watch their show until I saw the episode with Kim K.throwing a tantrum about her skin condition psoriasis. Acting like it's the end of the world & worried about how she looked. Then I see these children everyday I work who have tracheostomys & tubes coming out of them connected to ventilators to keep them alive in wheelchairs with smiles on their faces. KIM YOU DISGUST ME !! STOP TAKING LIFE FOR GRANTED !!


Kardashfan 52 I too am a fan of the Kardashians and if you are posting here for the first time you may not read some of the even more rotten and hateful vicious comments these prople have written.
They are Hell bent on hating them. They all need mental help and it is really disgusting.


I like the kardashians. and i am a huge fan. ok? i dont think its nice of you to say these things about these people. Kim and Kris are very happy together and i am happy for them


Can't anything be private with these fame whores, do they even remember how to be real? Can't these people stop being fame whores for one moment is every second of their lives for sale? Get real
U phonies


im lovin d guy wu proposed kim.....the guys must keep goin they luk gud 2gthr!!!!!!!!!:)

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