Kendra Wilkinson Laments Lack of Hank Baskett Banging

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Kendra Wilkinson has one talent in life: taking off her clothes. That makes this admission even more unsettling.

The reality star and author of a new book says she isn't giving it up enough to husband Hank Baskett these days.

"He deserves a lot more sex, he definitely does," Kendra tells E! News. "Women can be so crazy at times and forget about our men. You know, they need some love. They need some loving, too."

Kiss from Kendra

Of course, this directly contradicts what Kendra writes in her latest memoir, but at least she isn't depressed any longer. Wilkinson actually credits Dancing with the Stars and partner Louis Van Amstel for contributing to her turn around.

"I didn't have as much fun as I thought I would have," she says. "But when I look at the big picture, it got me back on my feet. I give credit to Dancing With the Stars and Louis for getting me back on my feet."


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Hank was an up and coming player...until Kendra. She claims to be such a sports fanatic and she knew he was with the NFL when she met him. Then all she did was complain about him being 'gone' and having to move and living away from So Cal. Maybe if she had supported him more he would not have been so mentally upset that he couldn't play a he used to he got traded or cut.Now what does he do to support your overgrown ego, because that's about all he can support. YOU ruined his career. Sorry, Hank, but it's too late now to undo and start over...or is it??!!!


Kendra and Hank we love you in South America!


Hank was not picked up because of the racist NFL not because of a beginning second quarter off side kick, that is bs, he is a fierce player, all he needs is time. Wake up Kendra, what you have in a man is rare don't be stupid (don't make the world right) Hank basically is paying the price for marrying you, they are trying to sabotage his career, wake up and stop being a pain in the ass, karma is a bitch. Be a woman and focus on your priorities Hank , Little Hank, your future, what you have is priceless, get rid of the baggage and focus on what matters, the man that supported you and thought of you and his unborn son first, if not get lose because Hank Randall Baskett 3&4 deserve only the best, not some weak enabler.


Kendra is influenced by losers, she does not know people are jealous of her and Hank. Kendra get rid of the losers who you think are your friends. Kendra should see she is married to a A1 man and her faux friends are jealous, let them get jobs you have a husband and family. I suggest she wake up before she is a lonely, broke woman like her mother and the other hanger ons. Hank deserves better and Hank 4. Support your fabulous man because he supported you. At this point i am sick of her digs at her husband, and i'm sure his mother is sick of her too. Hank the intellectuals know you are an excellent football player with talent morals and class, I wish Hank and little Hank Gods blessings and hope Kendra get rid of the leeches and support her man or bless Hank with prosperity and courage to move on , he will be glad he did. Kendra beware your faux friends will deceive because they are jealous and think you are dumb, then leave you in the dust.


This " Thing" Is Pathetic! Only a washed up NFL Receiver deserves this Prize! What is it with you "So Cal" Left Wing People? Only the "Kardashian -"Flat on my back if Hes Black" can compare! I don't know what a Soul Is going for but it must be a Pretty Penny out on the Left Coast. Don't worry Kendra- Tiger or Koby or Reggie Bush could use another Trophy! To think- this Skank gets air time? Jesus- Bring Back Leave it to Beaver reruns! And that Freakin laugh? Put a Sock in it!


Very clearly as Kendra has allowed it to be made known, her career was once banging an old fart for room and board and now the only thing we ever hear coming out of her empty little head is sex sex sex, please Kendra do us all a favor and do something valid with your fifteen minutes of fame before it runs out, the clock is ticking....


@Mark, You are on a website called "Hollywood Gossip" and you are complaining about the content of a story? LOL! Why don't you move over to instead if you are looking for an article with more substance.


@Mark, You are on a website called "Hollywood Gossip" and you ex


This chick, gets no sympathy from me. All she talks about is Sex! There are some things you keep private. I have been married for three years and my husband would be mortified if I kept talking bout our private life. She just threw Hank under the bus in so many ways since her latest book came out. If, I was him, I would have already told her to zip it!


I love how other dis on kendra but can't help but read about her! i love her myself she is an awesome mother, wife, and star!

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