Crystal Harris Calls Off Wedding to Hugh Hefner!

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The seemingly perfect union between a twice-married 85-year old with a harem of housemates and his 25-year old model of a girlfriend appears to be over before it officially began.

That's right, readers: Crystal Harris has walked out on Hugh Hefner. Five days before their scheduled wedding date!

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Image

Crystal has made it clear: she doesn't want to be wife number-three.

Sources at the Playboy Mansion tell TMZ the couple got into such a big argument over the weekend that Crystal has already packed her stuff and moved out.

What was the source of the fight? It's unclear. But rumors have linked Harris with Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son!

That sound you hear, meanwhile? It's Holly Madison frantically dialing her ancient ex.


UPDATE: It's - gulp! - true: "The wedding is off," Hefner Tweeted. "Crystal has had a change of heart."


Will she receive Golddigger of the Year in 2010 or 2011? Both are getntig what they bargained for. I thank her on behalf of all decent young men for not marrying a decent young man and following her dream. If we'd allow polygamy, he could marry twenty of them. Give as many such golddigging women the life they deserve.


@ Playgirl #26, your damn rite girl!!! They were great together & still think they cud work it out but Hef's about them all, he needs to be with one & show Holly what she showed him!!! But I think when Holly got outta the mansion she relized win or with out Hef that she had more potential other than showing her ass too th world, love that girl tho!!!


yea and it's all like.. I can get a hooker anyway so who cares..


well the thing is that like.. I don't really care lol!!! LOL XD I hope he lives forever that way I know how to live forever.. look any man REALLy can live like this they are just too dumb to realize it the answer is simple.. pick up a polygamist religion like frikken muslim or something they have several wives.. only it might hurt you politically or somethin..


.i Look at this way,i am thinking all these young ladies are trying to find someone to love them not be in love because,this man is 85years old i dont think there have been to much in the mansion he can do but let them walk in front of him and thats what make his day and he want be so thing about him he is not sexting.there are a losts of mens or should i say dirting men out there would love to live likes this each and everyday but they let hefner have his fun at 85years thinking he got going only live once.because if this young lady live with him for 3years someone have been helping him out when it come to sex,hefner having had sex so lone he cant ever remember


Like all those very young girls at the Playboy mansion, Crystal wanted to marry "the King" - Huge Hefner. I watched Girls Next Door where Holly was telling him: "We are so good together, you do not need other girls." Crystal was patient with Hef until recently. Because she expected that when they got married, there will be no more a harem of housemates. Just her. But it was not what he had in mind. No wonder that she got mad at him, a very old man for not appreciating her, very young and beautiful, and wanted to humiliate him. Never mind what she's saying, trying to come across as a very nice girl. The fact that she was willing to have sex with such an old man, indicates that she just like all those girls in the mansion are hookers. Sex for money. None of those girls would love him if he was poor.


Crystal is so Pretty.


she shouldn't had got involved with him in the first place he was way to old...finally whatever she was taking is out of her system and now she came to her senses.


She should have never got involved with him in the first place...guess she picketed enough money to live off with her new man.


Give me a break! Hef is so old, Moses signed his birth certificate! He probably has a Viagra pump installed right next to his balls, and his sperm probably looks like cottage cheese! Why would any one at any age want to see this lizard walking toward them (naked) - well I guess if I was a broke, bubble headed, no talent, bleached blond I would (lol)!

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