Crystal Harris on Hugh Hefner Sex: One Time. Two Seconds!

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Crystal Harris appeared on The Howard Stern Show this morning and had nothing flattering to say about ex-fiance Hugh Hefner. At all.

Asked by the host how long it took for the pair to consummate their relationship, Harris replied "two seconds." Perhaps even more incredible? That's one more second than number of times the pair actually did it!

Harris said she is "not turned on by Hef" and that the couple only had sex one time. Has she ever seen him naked? Nope.

Ah, but is she dating Jordan McGraw? Harris wasn't so chatty about that rumor...

Miley fakes

well thats pretty fast.. witty girl


I hope hef made her swallow his jizz-lol- make heck she is just throat dumpster.good girl you can gag now.


Judging by the looks of Jordan M. her taste in men has not improved. They guy looks like he lives under a bridge and gets his clothes at Goodwill. She is obviously gold digger, so Jordan hang on to your wallet, or grociery bag...where ever it is you keep your money, because this no talent is obvously looking for the next meal ticket. Till then she'll have to maker her money on her back or on her knees....


Whatever happened between them on a sexual level is not public forum. I hope her next b/f bangs her in the ass everyday til it bleeds like she deserves the little tramp.

Jennifer miller

Why is she talking about Hugh like that? She's the one who broke it off.


I hope Hugh is able to sue her for deflamation of character, slander or something. AND I hope he sues her a$$ off. At the least I hope he takes back the 2 cars and the engagement ring. So the bitch ends up with nothing for the time she spent there.


What gorgeous woman would wanna have sex with Hugh Hefner? That's sick!!!


She wasn't attracted to him but was going to marry him? Wow, to admit that proves what a true bitch she really is. Isn't Jordan McGraw the son of Dr. Phil? I wonder if they're proud of sonny boy's new GF? The holier than thou McGraws who believe they are sooooooo perfect, son taking home a whore. I hope they are proud! HA!


What did you expect dumbass!!!!!!!


What a b*tch.

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