Heather Morris, Photographer Court Controversy with "Bruised-Up Barbie" Pics

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Has Tyler Shields crossed a line?

A new spread of Glee star Heather Morris depicts the actress with a black eye, causing many to wonder why a photographer would actually invoke an image of domestic violence in such a way. Easy, says the man behind it: I didn't.

"In no way were we promoting domestic violence," Shields tells E! News "We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that's exactly what we did!"

Heather Morris Pic

More shots are available at Tyler's official site. They all feature Morris with a black eye; some involve the use of an iron and its chord.

"I don't know if Tyler is aware but I'm quite sure there are plenty of women who have been abused by these kinds of household appliances and children as well being hit with electrical cords," says Rita Smith, executive director for the Denver-based National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "I'm not sure what the purpose is other than shock value."

Shields has courted controversy in the past with photo shoots. There was this one of Lindsay Lohan, covered in blood, just a few weeks ago.

What do you think of the artist's latest work? Has he gone too far?


hey maybe someday
the rest of us
will get as much play
as Barbie with the police
follow my point


Doesn't even look like Barbie. I see this pic and immediately think its going to be a msg for domestic violence. If he was going for something else, he missed his mark. Either way, they're not even interesting in the least.


> And where does it say the ONLY way for a woman to have a bruised eye is because a man hit her? Bingo. Lots of my roller derby friends have bruises. Most of those derby ladies are very glamourous, even/especially with their bruises.


He just takes advantage of celebs to start controversy just to get press. He is not a good photographer.


I think the idea for a bruised up Barbie photo shoot it interesting but I don't think the photographer did enough with it. It looks like an ad for domestic violence. He sould have made it look more toy like I guess... if that was really his purpose.


Why dpict a beautiful woman with a black eye if it is not for an ad against domestic violence? Are they trying to say doorknobs are dangerous?


@JennaMillerLucas...omg, that was beautiful& very very very well said


I'll say it again... I think it’s great when photography sparks interest and debate. It’s the truest art. If you think you have a reason to hate it, you can be sure without doubt that some one else has JUST as much reason to love it. And where does it say the ONLY way for a woman to have a bruised eye is because a man hit her?

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