Emmy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Sofia Vergara vs. Christina Hendricks

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One of them stars on the Emmy Awards' most Outstanding Comedy.

The other stars on the Emmy Awards' most Outstanding Drama.

Both routinely turn heads with their voluptuous figures.

If there's anyone that could give a Christina Hendricks dress a run for its money, it's Modern Family's Sofia Vergara - although both she and the Mad Men star were relatively covered up last night. Relatively. Who was the best dressed? Vote in our poll below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed better at the Emmys, Sofia Vergara or Christina Hendricks? Vote for which actress' fashion you thought looked best last night. View Poll ยป


Calling this one a tie.


I think sofa rocks her frock better.hendriks however looks somewhat uncomfortable in her dress.


I think Christina Hendricks is beautiful. She shows that you do not have to be stick skinny to be so. Sofia is also beautiful and has curves but she is still quite skinny. Christina is an inspiration to all young girls out there who may be insecure with their bodies.
Well done Christina, don't change a thing!!!


First of all, in no way I am jealous at all. I think that Hendricks is unattractive both in the face and body. I am saying this because of all the hoopla she receives. I just dont' think she's pretty at all, IMO, and she looks uncomfortable like she needs to lose some weight. It's disgusting how she exposes her over inflated breasts to the point of strangulation at times. EIther that or she needs to buy bigger clothes.

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