Christina Hendricks Movie Premiere Dress: Love It or Really Love It?

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I Don't Know How She Does It (watch the trailer HERE) is a movie that features Sarah Jessica Parker as a mother, wife and successful businesswoman. The title refers to how this character juggles all aspects of her life.

But it might as well refer to co-star Christina Hendricks in response to the following question: How does she remain upright?!?

We've been wondering about that ever since the Mad Men actress walked this film's red carpet premiere earlier this week in the dress seen below. It really brings out her eyes...

Christina Hendricks Cleavage
Christina Hendricks Breasts

Do you like this outfit?


Hi if you pause at 2:48 you can alautcly see RCVR even before they announced it lawl


Yeah, the boobs were too much. It's like, we get it. You have ginormous boobs. Nothing wrong with that, but this is too much in our face. Calm it down, sister.


I may be straight but I'd definitely motorboat her.


Breasts or water melons? Aaaaarrgh!


I miss the days of "Mr. Blackwell's fashion knock downs. This eye catching dress designed to showcase her breast is just too over the top for a premier.Those cow bags that she is showing should be kept under wraps!!


The fabric is beautiful. However, her boob display is ridiculous. It looks like someone's derriere was stuck upside down in there. There is no need to flaunt them to that extent. Does anyone look anywhere else but at her chest? And I'm female!

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