Effing Snooki Gets, Tweets Pic of New Tattoo

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While Selena Gomez's new tattoo blatantly proclaims her love for Justin Bieber, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi opted to get link that signifies love in the broader sense.

Snooki's new shoulder tattoo, which she posted a photo of on Twitter over the weekend, features what looks like a large crown, heart and pearls on a pink bow.

She wrote on Twitter: "MY NEW TAT. BADASS." Agree? Peep it:

Snooki Tattoo

I absolutely love snooki and her tattos. you dont know her, how she is, or what she does. it shouldnt matter to any of you. her tattoo looks amazing! all of you are just abunch of jealous bitches because you will never become famous. maybe for being an ugly bitch, with a bad attitude. so suck one muthhafuckaa!


I hate it when people complain about the media pushing Snooki down their throats. If you don't like Snooki why are you wasting time on this page? Why are you leaving comments? I'm sure most of you haters watch Jersey Shore... Seems you have nothing better to do but hate.


U should not call people stuid or what she does stuid, bc u never met her, so think about that bitches. U have tn think before typing. Think abt that sons of bitches! How abt i cal ur tatts stupid, bitchey,crappy!


who cares wat she gets ???? they post everything!!!! next it will be snookie goes to bathroom news at 6 wtf....... and one of her faggy friends comes from johnston rhode island the skinny ugly one.


Why do you people have to keep pushing her down our throats? What is she famous for? Being drunk and acting like an infantile moron. Maybe if u focus on something positive that she has done I might be a bit tolerant towards her in the meantime keep her out of our faces. At least with television I can switch channels or turn it off.


She is the dumbest girl I have ever heard of. i just don't get why everybody makes such a big deal out of that retarded show. Can't wait till it's over and her fame goes down the toilet like, hopefully, she will.


I do not like how this article pretty much labels tattoos as a trashy thing. Not all tattoos are trashy, and not all people who have tattoos are trashy. Move into the new millenium.


@Shontelle atimalala, before you go dissing other people how about you learn how to type!! hello??"she look stupid with jst like her"? what does that even mean?? and I believe you mean to say "I suppose" and by "aniwaiss" do you mean "anyways"?? and "she look stupid just like her brain" have you seen her brain?? I hear its quite beautiful. lol j/k but anyways learn to type sweetheart!


she doesn't look good with her new tat:) she look stupid with jst like her__lol:lmfao:) i supposed she should have a tat on her back__ but aniwaiis she look stupid just like her brain:)hahahahah she is so not my fannn:) snooki is a BITCH:)

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