Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on Twitter: It's Over!

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Ashton Kutcher went all third grader on us in a recent Tweet, telling the public not to assume anything about his marriage to Demi Moore. But this s a fact:

The couple no longer follows each other on Twitter! Considering how obsessed each is with this social network, could there be any surer sign that they're over?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Picture

Moore is "sad, hurt and embarrassed" by the scandal, a source close to the actress tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that Demi and Ashton "had been receiving counseling from Kabbalah over the summer to try to fix their marriage."

Alas, it failed and they are reportedly now living apart.

Still no word from Sara Leal, though, Kutcher's alleged mistress who reports indicated was in the process of hiring an attorney and seeking out the highest offer she could find to tell her story.

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How can you say Ashton is attracted to females his own age. She is 23 and he is 33?????? How is that close to his own age??????


What the hell does someones hair color have to do with anything? And if a black man wants to be with a white woman I dont think she held a gun to his head no matter if she is a blonde or not! That is the stupidest thing I had read in a long time!


Some of these women (usually young asnd blonde single women) make these allegations to try to break up marriages in western white dominated countries. Some blacks in America sauy that these women make these allegations just because they feel happy about breaking up a marriages. An example the black families give is the wife of Tiger Woods, who is ready to divorce to catch anotother guy. Guess what? They are right in that most of these women make wild allegations because they know that these blondes making allegations will be even more in demand from other men if they manage to break up these marriages. In short, some of these women making these allegations to break up marriages are like poison.


I think the Bloom is off the Rose. Ashton is now attracted to females his own age because he has more in common with them. It's that simple. It would be foolish to try to stay together if he is not happy. It's time to find someone your own age, Demi. It's the kindest thing u can do for Ashton. Try to remain
a lady and find a new love interest your age, or older. Try to remain friends; but give him the break he needs and wants. Class up lady!


It's sad, but then she's a good bit older. I'm sure there's a lot of real love between them but I wonder if in her heart of hearts she knows it could easily be over one day.


I looked this up when a friend's husband cheated. Apparently it has to do with hormones and a chemical reaction within the man which is mistaken for "love" type feelings. Not explaining it very well but you can google it. It is sad to see yet another long term union go down the drain.


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Meg, I agree. It's amazing. I truly believe many celebrities confuse lust with love. The situations you mentioned would normally bring a married couple together. You here of so many couples in showbiz splitting up because of the job, or this or that regarding their work. To me, work is important---it's how you support yourself, but when you are married it's not just about you anymore. If a job is going to put a strain on the marriage then don't take it. It's scary what fame and money do to some people. I would never want it. They can all have each other.


Why does thi always happen when one of the partners gets a gig (Ashton-two and a half men, Stacey Dash:MTV'S Single Ladies) I could go on & on with names of celebrities that broke it off soon after their partner gets a gig and some attention in the media. Jealousy? Feelings of abandonment or lack of attention? I don't get it. You'd think you would be happy for any success your significant other accomplishes. Its Hollywood, DUHH!

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