Bristol Palin Harassed By Heckler, Responds With Unnecessary Gay Remark

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Bristol Palin was hounded by a heckler last night in L.A., and while that loser said some truly awful things, her response was interesting in and of itself.

BP was at the Saddle Ranch for a little mechanical bull riding on the Sunset Strip when a heckler came up to her and shouted, "Did you ride Levi like that?"

That was funny. But unfortunately it turned ugly.

With comments like "Your mother is the f*%king devil" and "Your mother's a whore," the heckler stepped way over the line in his Sarah Palin bashing.

Sarah wasn't even married when she nailed Glen Rice, first of all. Get your facts straight. In any case, Bristol was understandably far from pleased.

She should never have to deal with such hatred. Still, her reply was odd, if not overtly homophobic: "Is it because you're a homosexual, that's why you hate her?"

The dude replied, "Pretty much ... and why'd you say I'm a homosexual?" To which Sarah's eldest daughter said, "Because I can tell you are."

Ah, the wit and wisdom of Bristol Palin. At least she didn't take a page from the Rick Perry campaign playbook and blame tornadoes on this guy.

What do you think? Is Bristol Palin homophobic?

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I am also an educated, lifelong Alaskan, and this story - just like all the rest - gives me heartburn. To me, the Sarah Palin story is a continuing nightmare that just won't end. The Palin family, with its wild teenagers and inattentive parents, everybody looking for ways to push their products, Sarah, and now, Bristol with their all-too-obvious attempts at promoting themselves for money, and hillbilly episodes like this one, are disgusting and embarrassing. I wish they'd just take the millions they've made and disappear.


You'd be brave too if you had a whole camera filming crew and security team behind you when went over to a "homosexual" and tried to tell him off. What a set up! Even negative spotlight attention is a plus in Pay-lin L.A. land.


For sale to the highest bidder. They stand on the street corner milking all the dough they can get. Sarah is a professional political prick teaser. Quit the governor job she hated to become a celebrity. Hollywood Brisket rides a cow on slow speed for her reality tv show in a bar that has it's own reality tv show and pimps out her baby for a reality TV show. Gets more $$$ pretending to be abstinent and wearing a sweatshirt with a cross on it (nice touch). Yep. Whores.


He was way out of line because he was drunk and it took liquor to let him be brave, what an idiot! She handled herself I would say pretty well ..I would have clobbered him!


@ Lewis.. I would suspect that they would most certainly know that would be the case. If you choose to be in the public eye, people are going to take your picture when you have no makeup on, they're going to hound you everytime you're on a date, they're going to talk about the way you dress, and they are going to talk about your family...I don't and won't have that problem, because I am not in the public eye.


why is it always the same with actors actresses athletes and govt officals because they are in the mainstream and headlines ppl have to stick their noses in that persons family life REALLY...... Would any of you pl like that done to your family? Im not thinking so


@ Sarah- thankyou.. I totally agree. I couldn't have said it better!


Hey Fiona!! The educated person from Alaska- If your're going to use a derogative word, as a matter of fact, you rewrote your post, so I guess twice, the correct spelling, you bigot, is FAGGOT!


Real classy, Fiona. It's people like you and the Palins who give Americans a bad name.


Well I to was born and raised in Alaska,and I am VERY well educated.I also support "THE PALIN'S", We need change in the White House and who better then Her. As for the ASS HOLE who verbally attacked Bristol, It just goes to show that some gay people that have come out of the closet truly were not ready. There is and always will be haters,( I my self am not, I have many friends that are gay, I accept there life style as there own.)an for this guy to be calling anyone a whore, you know he'll be the first one up in arms if someone were calling him a "FAGETTE". Bristol, You handled yourself like a LADY, and Your Mother should be Proud of you(not that she's not), I can say the "ASS" would have been on the floor and my mother and I don't speak ad haven't since my 9 yr. old turned 1yr. Just keep your head held high, an walk away from people like him. As far as your mom as long as she is in the eye of the public, there will always be haters. But we LOVE her.

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