America's Got Talent Results: The Champion Is...

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With one of the best personal stories in show history, along with one of the smoothest voices, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is your 2011 America's Got Talent champion!

The jazz singer surprised many by overcoming the favorites, Team iLuminate, who only finished in third place. Did you see Sharon Osbourne's face when that result was announced?

Said the shocked crooner, who says he'll use the $1 million to "invest" in his "kids' future," immediately after the results were announced:

"Thank you so much for supporting me and believing in me, and helping me believe in myself on national television, in front of the whole world... This has been a long, hard journey. I been busting my butt out here doing this for so long, ever since I was a kid, and it's finally paying off."

So, you tell us: Did the right act win?


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America,i've bin watching ds show.its a talent show nt a singing competition. C'mon u cn do beta whn voting next time. Judges take note.u guys ar killing the spirit of oda talented ones.


They finally got it right.the man was the best..give west virginia a chance..bless him geat voice.


Okay so just saying,
the people with with most talent always come in third.
whats up with that?
2009- Recycled Percussion.
2010- Fighting Gravity
and now 2011- Team iLuminate.


singers singers singers. Don't you have your own dozen shows?


I can't believe America voted for a damn impersonator to win. Jesus christ, you wouldn't know a good act if it slapped you in the face with a wet tuna!


I dont get it. Ok Landau is a good singer but last 3 seaons Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm and now Landau.. Always singers are talents ? No way. Come on America what is wrong with you !! This is a talent show not singing contest...


If it was based on the final performance than he won. I loved Team iLLuminate but though the final performance was weak.
They had moments when you saw the trampoline which took away from the "magic" of seeing the lights flying. That said, if I wanted to watch a singing competition there are plenty (and X Factor allows groups and old people) so disappointed in a singer with a story winning again. Kinetic King is still my favorite




way to go landau! you deserved it. great singer. i am happy for you and your family.use the money wisely, maybe to promote your singing career. will be looking forward to seeing a cd out soon.


A nice story, but I wasn't impressed with his talent.too cheesy. He'll blend right in with the thousands of Elvis impersonators there. Too much like karaoke, and a real novelty act. Even Michael bible has moved on from that shtick
Silhouettes were interesting, but pandered too much to post 9\11 patriotism. Got Kind of sickening.
Poplyfe were cute, but not ready yet.
S hould have been illuminate or smage brothers.