America's Got Talent Results: Final 4 Revealed!

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There was no March Madness-type upset on America's Got Talent last night, as the four acts favored throughout the season advanced to the final four. Did you agree with the results? We run them down below...

America's Got Talent Final 4

Eliminations Part 1 - Smage Bros. Riding Shows, Team iLuminate - Smage continued to go up the ramp of difficulty, but they were a bit sloppy last night. As long as they had a partner who continued to risk his life for the team. Team iLuminate, on the other hand, has been consistently growing and evolving their shapes of dance from their first performance. It was pretty bad when the Smage brothers pointed to iLumuinate as the group that would make it through; they knew that iLuminate was the team to beat.

Eliminations Part 2 - Miami All-Stars, Lys Agnes - Miami All-Stars lucked out their first time by advancing from the judges' choice and took that to their advantage doing a swing/jive-inspired performance during the semifinals. The theme was their downfall here. Lys Agnes was growing each performance until she took the risk of singing in her lower register. Sadly, both of their journeys ended tonight, showing that their gambles didn't pay off.

Eliminations Part 3 - Poplyfe, Landon Swank - Poplyfe is the last band left and they are younger than 17. They managed to conquer contemporary artists as well as legends like the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Landon has been providing some of the most visually stunning magic performances. His contemporary style of magic can usher in a new generation of magicians. Though both had strong nights, the act advancing was Poplyfe.

Eliminations Part 4 - Silhouettes, West Springfield Dance Team - West Springfield Dance Team seems like they have been tapped of ideas. Was doing the dark routines over and over starting to grow predictable? Yes. The Silhouettes, on the other had have attempted to change their shapes and images, but realized that going with a positive, all-American idea was getting them further. The Silhouettes made it to the finals as high pitched screams filled the room. This year wasn't as successful for the YouTube acts as West Springfield was the last one standing and they needed the wild card round to get them this far.

Eliminations Part 5- Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Anna Graceman - Both Landau and Anna have been strong competitors during the whole competition. Anna tended to have a weaker lower register and it showed in "True Colors" but her vocal runs looked effortless. Black Sinatra made a minor change to Dean Martin, but his velvet voice was smooth all night. Landau advanced, but Anna took the loss in stride.

So, which act will win it all next week? The final four are:

  1. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
  2. Poplyfe
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Team iLuminate

Landau,u stole my hrt with ur song and the manner u carried ur self.


That's absolute b*llsh*t!They pick a kkroaae show tune singer that can't even write his own music or play any instruments?It's totally rigged. If you listened to the audience cheer then you know the winner was Team I-Luminate hands down, then Silhouettes, then PopLyfe and finally LEMJr.Don't get me started on his teeth either.I can nail kkroaae Sinatra songs too.Guess I'll be the winner next year!Hello $MILLION DOLLARS$ !Just need to loose some weight and take some tanning pills


I was happy for the winners. Martin was great. The Silhouttes were awesome. Even though they didn't come in first they are first in Denvers eyes because of what they showed of America as a theme. If I ever get to Vegas I would diffently go see Martin. I loved the way he sang. It was with his heart and soul. He deserved to win. We have watch AGT since the beginning and will continue to watch.


Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.,I have watched the show from the beginning and I said that you were the winner because no one ever sings Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs as wonderful as you song it. You deserve to be the winner. Go and follow your dreams and dont destroy it. I am counting on you to buy your CD. Love JB!


In my opinion Landau won because the judges made him the winner by their comments..he was by far not the most talented person or singer on the show..I hear much better at karaoke..he was just average and it is obvious by the previous years winners (the country singers who had sob stories) that America is a sucker for a good sob story..


all four of the contestants were talented but eugene had raw talent he had the game from the very begining!!!!!!!!




Well its done!


i think anna graceman was the most outstanding singer in competion she deserved one of the 4 we all make mistakes but that little girl sing her heart out i think some record company will get her because she has talet if i was in recording business i would take her in a min. she has talet she will go a long way in life u all were very good good luck on winning the big money


Landau your the BEST!!!!!! I REALLY THINK YOUR WIN IT ALL!!!!

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