The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: A Season 3 Primer

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When we said goodbye to Mystic Falls in May, Stefan had joined up with Klaus; Jeremy's ex-girlfriends had returned as ghosts; and Damon had been looking really sexy.

So, where will everything stand on the September 15 premiere? Our friends at TV Fanatic have posted a number of The Vampire Diaries spoilers to get fans prepared for a new season. Among them:

  • Stefan is globe-trotting and committing many murders with Klaus.
  • Elena is turning 18.
  • Caroline and Tyler are figuring out their relationship.
  • Alaric is grieving the death of Jenna and trying to act as a father to her niece and nephew.
  • Damon? He's still looking really sexy.

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? Which blood sucker-based franchise do you like best?


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I'm a huge fan of ian somerhalder. He is a good twitter. I like the dark side of the Damon. When he is full pain i feel it too. I love you Ian.


I love Damon. I want katherine and damon together. He is sexy. VD is Damon.


Fantastic movie i love it


I love damon. I almost felt his pain when that T-wolf bit him. I can't imagine Vampire Diaries without him.


elena and damon should get to know each more since stefan is no longer in the picture


Elena n stefan re perfect 2gether


Vampire diaries rocks and the storyline is just perfect!!!!


zer has 2 be some way 2 give damion(z sexy pet) his own life other zan elena u guies r ruining his life. ''Ethiopia new hagere''


Can't wait till Season 3 starts! It is way better than Twilight, more realistic! In a way I am a bit tired of Damon wantin Elena. Elena & Stefan have true love & it's a little nasty to toy with both brothers. They should bring in a lover for Damon & not kill her off so soon nor should this lover be slutish, she should be daring, fiesty, butt heads with Damon, yet be irresistible to one another. Could be a human girl that Damon tries to avoid, yet he can't help but lurk wondering her hold over him. She could be new in town & her & Elena can become friends, maybe even sharin some sort of past together, or sharing similar tragedies they bond over together. Elena being human herself could share feelings on how both characters are human yet in love with vampires & the dangers & choices they must make. There could be a story of who turns vampire first or something involving Damon & Stefan coming together in some sort of battle for the one's they love. Anyhow, just voicing some ideas.


I think there should be some elena and damon because they obviously belong together . and plus because he is SMOKING :) x