MTV Video Music Awards Set Ratings Record

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Sunday's telecast of the MTV Video Music Awards set a record with 12.4 million viewers, the largest audience ever for the network, according to reports.

The previous high was set by ... the previous week's Jersey Shore.

The VMAs, a celebrity gossip bonanza and the one night every year that the network that once revolutionized music pretends to still care about it, were up nine percent in total viewers from last year. It was the top cable telecast of the year so far.

Lady Gaga in Drag Pic

Among the many highlights? A rare Britney Spears appearance, Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, The Hunger Games trailer and Gaga's male alter ego.

No word if Jo Calderone will be asked to host next year's event.



So I was trying to figure out what was so special or different about this year's awards. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Kanye, all the same people from last year. No big new performances. Beyonce was a surprise, doesn't count. Oh wait, the Beibster got nominated and won! Hm. Beiber's fans mighta tuned in by the drones. But I also think the Jersey Shore fans did it too. If you're watching the Shore you're gonna see the adverts for the VMAs. So I think Shore fans tipped the scales. Great job MTV you really know how to plug into our crazy, tanned fist obsessed world!