Michele Bachmann on Hurricane Irene: A Warning From God to Rein in Spending!

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Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was apparently quoted as saying that essentially, last week's earthquake and this past weekend's Hurricane Irene were messages from God.

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    Hahahaha is this woman wont even do the straw poll in fl because she knows she has about a 3% base here. And im sure everyone of them was at that get together. Lol what i like is at first how she eluded that god wanted ppl to listen to her and then she threw in oh all of us the american ppl. This woman is a kook and if god had anything to say about the matter he wud be upset with every politician we got becuz all they do is lie and scam. Yea michele is so against government help until it helps her! She loves her farm subsuties (sp) and so does her husband who also get subsuties for his medical clinic. Such bs!


    she's right, it time for US politicans to turn to God.


    I totally agree with her.

    In order to know GOD we have to be obedient and full of love. America is a trend setter when it comes to moral decline. The rest of the world follows as copycats.

    We need to know that GOD's standards and not the world standards are not the same. Solution - READ the BIBLE and TRY and copy GOD's standards.

    Much Love
    Christ in US - the HOPE OF GLORY.


    I totally agree with u cb! Michele Bachmann is a reminder to us all that bigotry and hatred towards others haven't changed much over the decades. What ever happened to treating others as u would want to be treated???


    Michele Bachmann and her husband are both very far out. Not good for the U.S. She is running on her own “gay agenda” platform. We are closing schools, laying people off. Families are being foreclosed on and being put out in the streets. And all this Republican running for President and her husband can do is talk about is “praying away the gay”. It is a good money maker for her, but we have bigger things to do, and I am hopping God has too. If you or your church has the gay agenda on your mind, all the time you may need to set down and talk with someone. We need to start looking at what is best for the country. Not our own religion’s views, that blow in the wind.


    God has issued His official response to Ms. Bachmann,


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