LeAnn Rimes Looks REALLY Thin, Lambasts Haters

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LeAnn Rimes caught considerable flak for her appearance at the NCAA title game last night, and did not mince words firing back at critics on Twitter.

Rimes, who recently called a truce with Brandi Glanville, now has other detractors to focus on - those who said she's looking way too thin lately.

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"To those who have to turn to other's lives and judge with no real knowledge of how anyone lives, you can you know what!" she posted Tuesday.

Rimes performing the National Anthem in Houston last night.

Responding to a "fan" who asked if she starves herself: "dear lord! I do not workout too much nor do I starve myself. I'm over this and moving on."

Overall, she says it's "Always an honor to honor our country. Very proud of last night. Still on a bit of a high. Thx you all fir such kind kind words."

What do you think: LeAnn is looking really ...


I wish my legs could look like that. She looks fine to me.


if she was always this thin then it would not be a big deal but to become this thin means she is either sick, stressed out or starving. I was a VERY thin girl, at one time 90 lbs at 5'6, I did not starve or work out, I actually ate quite a bit, I was just under a huge amount of stress. I never though LeAnn was attractive. She recently got implants & now is super thin, maybe being under the spotlight in a negative way is taking it's toll on her.


Girl needs to eat a few Big Macs!


she definitely has an eating disorder, shes not that skinny naturally. anyone with sence can tell the difference between anorexic and naturally tiny...


OMG she looks like a zombie in a michael jackson music video. why do female celebs want to look soo skinny? that sh*t is not sexy and healthy. i like a woman with more meat on her, i dont want to hug or sex any skeleton lookin woman but that's just me.


Hate to tell her but she is lookin kinda like she has an eating disorder


She is looking like Brandi in that they are both skeletors. Eddie like them skinny and Leann will have to do anything to keep him cuz god forbid you eat something he just might dump your ass. If he could divorce his wife and the mother of his kids for some skank, than you have to know it could happen to you too Leann!!


Patricia, I agree with you. But, if she does have an eating disorder at a certain point it messes with your brain and you don't realize just how thin you really are. I have been there, not as thin as her but close. Fortunately it didn't last long and I got back to eating normal quickly. It is a scary thing to go thru, she needs to be careful and hopefully those around her will get her help.

Patricia rathbun

I really have no respect for her but she might want to hear what people are saying and not get such an attitude about it, it may just save her life.

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