Lady Gaga VMA Costume: Total Junk

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Lady Gaga certainly did not leave anything in the bag in her bid to become Jo Calderone at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles Sunday.

The pop star didn't just wear men's clothing and fake stubble. Lady Gaga took dressing in drag to the extreme, wearing a prosthetic penis, even.

Seriously, she was. Talk about getting into character.

Lady Gaga-Jo Calderone

Perhaps that was the impetus behind the revelation that Gaga/Jo used to pleasure himself to Britney Spears when he was a kid. He/she didn't say.

"I am from New Jersey," Jo Calderone said. "My family is from Palermo, Sicily. I'm not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I am just a guy."

A guy who always keeps things interesting, for sure.


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Are you looking like a man? You look better at being yourself--a girl


i love lady gaga :P


Lagy Gags has always has had to hide behind costumes to deflect attention from her short stature.


she did this for one reason, and for one reason only... because she doesnt give a fuck ! and if she doesnt why should other people care ? its her life and her decission and she can do what she wants, seriously people grow up and get the fuck over it , kay ? KAY!


absolutely loved Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone! I've watched her perfomance and the VMAs over and over again thanks to DVR. I also think she makes a pretty attractive man! "Yoü and I" is one of my favorite songs on the new album (even before the album's release) and I'm happy that she made a piano ballad of hers a single. The video is her most bizarre one yet! She may be an "attention whore," but I admire that she's fearless and doesn't give a rat's ass what her haters say. And as far as taking her character at the VMAs too far and "ruining" them, if it wasn't for her, that sh** would have been boring as f***. If anyone ruined it, it was Russell Brand going on and on about Amy Crackhouse, and he & Tony Bennett actually comparing her to Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday. Talk about disgrace!


i luv Lady Gaga's xpression..
iit waz funni nd interestn @ sme tyme..
IIt waz meant 4 fun nd nthin mre..i wonder y u gyz r so angry..
Nwaiz i rily tot Jocalderone was cute..thx mama monster!! u d BEST!


WOW, what can i negative commenters can be described as nothing else but RIDICULOUS,PATHETIC NARROW MINDED AND SAD. it cracks me up that you guys feel better about your tiny selves by bashing this woman. she has accomplished more than you ever will in your meaningless boring lives. I AM EMBARRASSED FOR ALLLLLL OF YOU! XOXO


What about Britney Spears, Madonna, Shakira, Hilton slut, Kate Perry, Lily Allen, Rhianna, Beyonce...? It's not just gaga who's a filth!


To be fair, it's not just Gaga who should be out of our screens and papers! Most female celebrities look like sluts!


I agree with some comments. I don't think we should allow sexual images in our screens and youth magazines. I remember years ago, adults magazines were put on top shelves so the kids wouldn't see them. That was for those who chose to look at them stuff. Now, it's everywhere, inviting and easy! I've decided not to let my kids listen to any music charts at all, because I felt there were too many vulgar behavior. Most videos are about sex. It's either obvious, or it's in the clothing, dance moves or lyrics! It's not just up to us parents to control that, because they are bombed with it everywhere no matter what we do to protect them!